Saturday, September 05, 2015

Garden at the beginning of September 2015

All pictures taken by the OH this time, as I wasn't home from work in time before it got gloomy!

We've had lots of rain so the lawn has greened up nicely. The OH also took out the Echinops from the raised bed as it was crushing the Escallonia and getting a Bit Too Big.

Apples ripening on the tree. It's covered this year, and it shouldn't be too much longer before they're ready to eat.

The one measly apple left on the other tree after all of the others (still unripe) were gobbled by a greedy squirrel

Instead of the Echinops, I moved this Fuchsia into the space - it's the one I bought at Croome back in June and had been in a container. It has tiny little flowers, and should grow reasonably tall now it's in a border rather than the container.

The autumny flowers are blooming. I'd like to move these up a bit too so they get more sun, but digging up plants and moving them is a bit beyond me at the moment!

This year's tomatoes have been pathetic. We haven't had one to eat yet, and when they eventually do ripen they invariably split

The Japanese Anenome is doing really well. I love its flowers, and also the little fluffy seeds that develop later on (I'm currently deadheading them, but will let some seeds develop later on in the season as it self-seeds well).

We've had lots of Gladioli this year, as I bought a bumper lot at the garden centre at Clandon Park, which we visited not long before it burnt down (Clandon Park that is, not the garden centre). I still feel really sad about that, as it was a lovely property to visit, and in my professional incarnation, I catalogued the library there.

There is a YouTube video showing the extent of the devastation.

Thanks to the OH for digging up the Echinops and taking all the pictures this month!