Friday, January 01, 2016

A new arrival and garden at the beginning of January 2016

Not much gardening happened in December as a certain baby put in an appearance early on in the month. Little One (LO) has been out in the pram a few times sporting the latest in knitted fashion, and has also been to knitting group twice already. Contrary to my expectations of early parenthood, I have managed to knit about two thirds of one sock since I went into hospital to have her (I was induced; it took a while). Don't think I feel up to tackling anything more complicated at the moment though.

December was mild but rainy, although fortunately we were spared the flooding that other parts of the country have experienced. Everything is still growing, and the OH had to cut the lawn again just before Christmas. I am itching to get out there and get on with some gardening after being too huge to do much for quite a few months. But I think that will have to wait until I've had more sleep.

The mild weather has made the fuchsias start to re-sprout leaves. You just know this is going to end badly when there's a frost.

Our houseplants got Sciarid fly, so we had to put them outside in the hope some colder weather (joke) would kill them off.

The camellia has begun flowering earlier this year with the warmer weather.

Lots of signs of bulb growth already.

And the first hellebore flower - this is one I grew from seed!

What are your gardening plans for 2016? Mine are just to do some gardening...