Sunday, April 03, 2016

Building site at the beginning of April 2016

 So, the new garage project is still ongoing. This is the current state of the back garden!

They have actually done quite a bit of work on this bit already - dug a metre deep soakaway to take the water from the new garage roof, removed all the turf, dug up diseased tree roots, levelled the ground, so it's nearly ready for the new turf to be laid now.

The new patio has been laid, after much cogitation about paving slabs.  I never want to see another paving slab ever again. Apart from the ones we've had laid obviously. I remember feeling similarly about taps when we had a new bathroom six years ago.

This is looking in the other direction. I seized the opportunity yesterday of some sunshine and a sleeping LO, and parked her on the patio whilst I got some gardening done.

The containers are beginning to look a bit messy. I'm looking forward to the building work being finished so I can get on with sorting them out.

And the Camellia is full of flowers!