Friday, August 14, 2009

Cuddly yarn

See, person in recovery from swine flu experiences a rapid easing of the symptoms on receiving 15 balls of yarn in the post. And also starts wearing a slightly silly grin.

Thanks to the sale at Celticove these did actually arrive a fortnight ago when I'd just gone back to work after swine flu and was totally out of umph. They really helped to cheer me up. 15 balls of Mirasol Sulka in sage (which is actually green, even though it looks blue in the photo below). It is SO gorgeous and soft and cuddly. I think I want to make Lima from the Mirasol first collection with them, but as I've got various other projects started now that won't be just yet.

I've finished off Suri (also from Mirasol book one) and the OH photographed me wearing it. The knitting isn't wonky, it's my shoulders, they always come out wonky in photographs.

I loved this yarn (Mirasol Hacho), it's very soft and squishy, and the way the pattern came out. It was easy to remember but more interesting than just doing plain stocking stitch!

During my swine flu recovery we visited Ham House one Saturday. We took the train to Richmond and walked along the Thames to the house about a mile and a half away.

The house itself is beautiful but there was something we couldn't quite put our finger on. We had lunch in the Orangery restaurant in the gardens, then went round the house.

before heading off towards the shop. Where we saw a large pile of DVDs on sale. Of course, this was "Kensington Palace" in the Young Victoria film, which we'd only just watched. No wonder it all looked very familiar. When I got back home I discovered that Yarnstorm had also just been there too.

By the time we'd been round the house I was getting rather tired so we had to get the bus back to Richmond before getting the train home!

I have some new commuting knitting started.

Don't worry, I didn't accost a total stranger and demand to have my photo taken on the train. My OH caught the same train to work as me one day so I got him to take it! Look at all the empty seats - plenty of room for knitters! These are the Sunday Swing socks from Knitty, and I'm actually using the yarn in the pattern - Lorna's Laces, as I had some in my stash. The colourway is "Valentine" and it's been hanging around in my stash for at least three years now. The groovy needles are my Knitpicks DPNs bought at Get Knitted back in May. And I LOVE them.

I've also started another project to knit at home. Narvik, from Rowan 42 - I bought the yarn at Get Knitted last year when I did the learn to crochet course. The yarn is Rowan Cocoon, another beautifully soft, cuddly yarn, although it does tend to "fluff" everything it comes into contact with.

I won't be around for a bit and I won't be reading blogs for about 10 days now as the OH and I have got a week off work to go up to Lincoln. He'll be meeting my Mum and we'll also be putting my house on the market whilst we're up there, but we should get some time to relax and do some touristy things too! And if you know anyone who wants to buy a house in Newark do let me know...


Mary deB said...

I like that Narvik! I have ogled that myself!

Heather said...

So good to see you looking brighter! Lovely work, too...

Heather said...

New yarn sounds like an excellent way of speeding your recovery :-)

Love your finished projects and Narvik is looking lovely.

Anonymous said...

Say hi to Lincoln for me! Make sure OH gets to walk up steep hill, so yoou can prove not all of Lincolnshire is flat! Bribe him with a trip to Brown's pie shop - worked for me when I first took hubby home to meet the folks just over 10 years ago!

dreamcatcher said...

Ooh love the new yarn! That Stash place is too tempting by far, have you seen the 99p All Seasons Cotton *cough* :-)

The cardi looks great in the Hacho, methinks that is Northern Lights? I was originally after that for my Shawl That Jazz, great to see it knitted up.

acrylik said...

Great to see you looking bright and well, glad you are on the mend.

That Suri cardi is gorgeous, will have to look that one up.

Have a lovely time away in Lincoln - good luck with getting your house on the market.

Mary Anne said...

It's nice to have all the lovely photos of you and I'm so happy to know you are feeling better. Take care and enjoy your holiday.

Craftydramaqueen said...

Glad u are feeling better. Love the T cosy and cardi. x