Monday, May 09, 2011

Bank holidays # two... and some knitting

We took advantage of the second four day weekend to have another day out. This time heading over to explore Woking (not exciting, it was just a load of shops and a pretty grim shopping centre like any other town centre with nothing even vaguely historic beyond the war memorial we found outside. I suspect Old Woking may have been more what we were looking for!).

before heading to Hatchlands Park a bit further south.

Where we walked through some park land, inhabited by Dexter cattle

and enjoyed the views. Fortunately it was a bit cooler so we didn't expire walking out in the sun away from the shade. Would have been impossible over the Easter weekend!

And I have been doing some knitting. I've nearly finished both front and back of my Isabella jumper so will post pics of that soon. This is the finished tank top for my nephew's birthday later this month. The pattern is from the Ann Budd basic pattern book and the yarn is Sirdar Crofter DK, about 1.5 balls, plus some leftover blue wool DK to do the ribbing. It was a fairly quick knit, but I still need to block it. I find the Crofter DK a little annoying - it has a tendency to be splitty, although I think it's a great yarn for summer.

 And I have started cooking a Sunday roast each week (except often on a Saturday as Sunday is too busy!). Having never cooked meat before two years ago, I'm slowly enlarging my repertoire. Roasts can be a bit of a problem as we only have one meat eater to provide for, but the nice man behind the meat counter at Waitrose very helpfully found me a very small (300g) lump of dead cow to roast, which did two meals for the OH. I was rather impressed that it all came out looking like a proper roast dinner, and couldn't resist taking a photo.

I didn't take a photo of my plate - but it was much the same minus the dead cow and gravy and plus some spicy beans.


Steph said...

Lovely pics of your walks - and the roast looks yummy too!

Mary Anne said...

I do like that photo of the park with the cattle browsing amongst the trees; are they owned by the park establishment, I wonder?

The nephew's vest is a lovely knit. I like the pattern created by the Sirdar yarn.

Yummy photo of roast dinner. It looks so professional and much nicer than anything I could create. You are becoming a chef extraordinaire!

Sally said...

Your roast dinner looks yummy! I love your nephews tanktop I am sure he'll be thrilled with it :-)