Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tentacles of the slime monster

The OH thought my spiced parsnip soup bubbling on the hob looked like a slime monster's tentacle was about to emerge from it. I think he's been watching too much Doctor Who.

See, it looks totally normal once it's been through the food processor and is cooling down ready to go in the freezer. Recipe here.

This week has been a bit crazy - knitting group got hastily moved to a new location as the pub we usually meet in closed down about 2 hours before we were due to meet! We ended up meeting at a different pub, which isn't a permanent move as it's very busy, so two of us went to investigate another potential venue after the meeting. We're going to try that one this week...

Then the night after that I went to a talk about the history of gin (!) at the Wellcome Library with a friend from work. It was great, and felt deliciously bad to be sat drinking gin in a library - everyone got a free drink before the talk! Meant I didn't get home until nearly 10pm though.

Then the following night was my church home group, which is always lovely and chatty, particularly as we hadn't met since before Christmas, so I didn't get home until nearly 11pm that night.

So not much knitting happened last week, thank God for a freezer full of batch meals and fortunately the temperature has finally fallen and we've now had a frost, so there wasn't any gardening to do. I did get the Isabella jumper blocked and I'm really pleased with it:

 I love the way the colours work, and it's ended up fitting well - I was worried about the sleeves not being long enough so knitting from the top down was definitely the way to go - I've ended up with 3/4 length sleeves as I wanted, and 7g of yarn left over!

 The bottom is supposed to be knitted as a hem, and you then turn up the bottom and stitch it so that the holes form a picot edge. I decided I didn't like that effect, or the way it made the jumper shorter, so I've just left it as a rolled up edge with a decorative (!) row of holes along it.

Not sure how much time I'll have again this week - I have knitting group at home one night, then craft group at work another night. There are a lot of beginners at craft group at work though (I've now signed up over 10% of the staff!) so I spend most of the time teaching and not doing my own project.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I absolutely LOVE the colors of your sweater and yes, it seems to fit wonderfully. You look really great in those purples and pinks!!

Anonymous said...

Slime monster soup, love that! It does look quite yummy.

That was a fascinating bit of history about gin. I had no idea.

Your jumper is quite beautiful. I love the colours and it fits you perfectly.

Mary Anne said...

Slime monster soup, love that! It does look quite yummy.

That was interesting about the history of gin. I had no idea.

I love your jumper and it looks perfect fit for you.

PixieMum said...

Dear Daisy, Just a quick note to say that I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve chosen you as one of my five blogs for the Liebster Blog award. If you’d like to drop by and pick it up, you can copy the image direct from my post.

I hope lots of people enjoy finding your blog.


Katarina said...

Lovely jumper! And besutiful colours!