Sunday, April 29, 2012


I was catching up on some blog reading and read this post from Flossie Teacakes, which mentioned the new Village Haberdashery online shop. And it looks lovely. Not only stocking sewing supplies, but knitting too. And some lovely yarn at that, and flat rate shipping. I may have to indulge at some point.

Kind of reminded me of this sign - spotted on Staines High St outside our local haberdashery.

I have acquired a new toy. A Kenwood Chef. It's actually  my Mum's, and is about 20 years old (we think) but she wasn't using it any more, and I had been thinking about getting one, so the obvious thing was to take over hers! This was one of the reasons I took the car with me when I went to visit her before Easter.

This is an all-in-one sponge cake in progress - one of those easy ones where you just bung flour, sugar, eggs and marg. in a bowl and whizz it together, throw in oven and voila...

 a cake! The friends we had over for afternoon tea seemed to enjoy it.

 There were some leftover mushrooms from last week's veg box too, so I made a small quantity of soup and whizzed it in the blender attachment (remembering to put lid on so it doesn't go all over the walls).

Very tasty.
I've been busily knitting away on the nephew's Intrepid Jumper - it's in the round so hardly any sewing up to do, thank goodness. I've done the body up to the sleeves and have almost finished the second sleeve now. And amazingly I'm in good time for his birthday at the end of May. My other project is a secret at the moment, but I'll post about it once it's finished.

And these are two pictures I took last week on my way to a meeting in the City of London. They're the tulips at the end of Cheapside/ right by St Paul's Cathedral. I loved the colours, and the contrast with the fairly harsh City architecture alongside.

 I was also treated to a superb lunch in the restaurant at St Paul's, which I'd highly recommend.

The OH bought a copy of the BBC Pride & Prejudice on blu-ray this week and we've been enjoying watching it. Although I can recite chunks of the script from memory it was very different viewing - the colours are much more vivid and you can see more of the detail. It brought back fond memories - it was originally broadcast when I was 16 and I videoed all the episodes, and sat down to watch the first when I was "home alone" having been left to keep an eye on the house, the cats and my Gran whilst the rest of the family went on holiday. I'd never read it and didn't know the plot, ended up getting completely hooked and stayed up until 3am to finish watching it! Sadly, now being a middle-aged woman with job meant an all night viewing was no longer possible so it had to be watched over several evenings!

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Mary Anne said...

Your Kenwood chef looks like it makes yummy and quick cakes, with your help of course!

I love the BBC Pride & Prejudice, I've watched it so many times on dvd that I can probably recite big chunks of it.

umm, middle-aged? aren't you rather young to be considered middle-aged??? mind you I'm speaking from the other end of the age spectrum :)

Beautiful pics of downtown London!