Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Between jobs

I had some annual leave to use up from my old job so I've had a few days at home between jobs, which has been fun, especially as the OH took a week off work as well. I've caught up with some knitting:

I finished off some sleepy socks for my nephew to wear in bed. These have taken about a fortnight, which I thought was pretty good going as I only really knitted them at knitting group and in front of Downton Abbey! They are just plain vanilla socks from the Ann Budd multiple pattern book, using a 52 stitch cast on and took exactly one 50g ball of Regia 4ply tweed sock yarn. It was pretty close as I only had about 10 inches left when I cast off. I have got another ball of this but it seemed a shame to break into it at that point.

It's also fun looking back at my Ravelry stash entry, apparently I bought the yarn in Cambridge in February 2009 when I stayed with Greensideknits and went to the Cambridge ktog one Saturday. Which I seem to recall was around about the time of my first date with the OH!

I've also finished the first of a pair of gloves for the OH, again using the Ann Budd pattern book. Although I've still got to sort all the ends out. This is a boring grey yarn (he didn't want anything remotely interesting) by Rico which I bought last year in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

I have made the Christmas cake, having found the kit I used last year from Waitrose was back again and on sale last week!

And we had a day out to Cliveden, to have a wander around,

 admire the views, marvel at how deep the Thames is at the moment,

 and look at all the pretty leaves in various colours.


Anonymous said...

Everything looks great. The socks are definitely plain vanilla, but look great. Boys/men, I think, tend to prefer plain things, as evidenced by your husband's gloves. Nate is the same. I've never knit gloves... all those fingers... kind of scare me.

And the pictures--the leaves are all gorgeous!

nocton4 said...

Always good to see what you're up to x