Sunday, November 01, 2015

Garden at the beginning of November 2015

 The garden this morning was very misty and autumnal. This was at 7am, and you can't really see just how misty it was from this photo.

The OH has moved the tender plants (various fuchsias and the alstroemeria into the cold frame for the winter).

There are still some plants flowering though. The rudbeckia in the back garden is still going strong, although the one in the front is over.

Only one flower left on the Japanese anenome, and plenty of seedheads forming.

The fuchsia and abelia are both covered in flowers still

 As are the hydrangeas
 And all the berries have appeared on the three pyracanthas now, hopefully providing a feast for the birds this winter.

We swopped the containers over with the winter ones (I have two sets of the internal plastic containers, which get slotted in and out at different times of year). These cyclamen have been on the go for about three winters now and are looking good. They are underplanted with hyacinths.

And I bought some winter flowering pansies from the garden centre and planted up these containers, underplanted with daffodils.

Think that's the last of the gardening done for this year, although I suspect the lawn will still need another cut.

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Victoria said...

It all looks so beautiful!