Sunday, February 07, 2016

Garden at the beginning of February 2016

Haven't really had much cold weather, although it has been quite wet, so the lawn is looking very green!

The mild weather has meant the bulbs are putting in an early appearance, and everything is sprouting leaves really early.

Even the strawberry plants are flowering (they might get a shock when it turns cold!)

Crocuses peeping through the strawberries

And more crocuses growing amongst the heucheras

I'm really pleased with this hellebore. The flowers are beautiful. It's one of the ones I grew from seed collected from a plant given to us by a neighbour.


Mary deB said...

Perhaps we need "Baby in the Garden" posts....:)

Evelyn Hender said...

Very envious of your green lawn. Can't wait until mine starts growing again, at the moment it's mostly mud thanks to the chickens and the puppy :-S Your flowers look beautiful