Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Reply to all the comments!

Ooh, lots of comments from the last post! I have definitely returned to the world of blogging!
I'd better attempt to answer the various questions posed: (this is the order the comments arrived in my inbox, but it might be a little skewed as I had BIG problems with Yahoo this weekend. Typical. I get broadband. Instantly my email goes down!)

First of all thank you for all the comments admiring my slippers! They are indeed very very toasty to wear. Which is why I haven't yet!

Monkey is still beaming with pride over his plumbing skills and so I did go out and buy him (and me) a freezer last week so we can have ice cream once it's been delivered. (Warning, the freezer is being delivered on Friday so the weather will probably become immensely cold from then on just to spite me). He is also threatening to take his vest off as it's SO warm here. Do you think I should let him?

Mary Anne - I haven't got any more pics of the swift I'm afraid. They did have one set up with a ball winder and it was SO groovy watching the yarn whizz away into a ball!

Anne - why not invite a spinner along to your knitting group so you can all have a demo and maybe a go? That's what the other Lincoln group have done (was madly jealous as they meet when I'm at work!)

Various people - about the slipper size and felting. The pattern came in a number of different sizes (US shoe sizes) so I just made the smallest size which seemed to come out fine. I wouldn't worry if you're a person with large feet etc as the pattern takes that into account. I'm a UK 5 1/2.

Piglottie - I thought the Crystal Palace bamboo circs were quite pointy. Certainly pointier than my straight bamboo needles (cheapy ones off Ebay). They were fine for doing SSKs and KTogs on double stranded yarn that was quite tight.

And I was going to write about making Anne's groovy sock pattern but I can't get Blogger to upload pictures (Grrrrr) so instead you will have to admire all the pics of them on Anne's blog. And wait for Blogger to start behaving itself.

It's my last Thursday in London this week so I'm going to celebrate by going along to the group (Rowanettes?) that meets at Liberty's on Thursday evenings. I know Yvonne will be there, but is anyone else who reads my blog? It would be great to meet some other knit bloggers!


Piglottie said...

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I love Anne's sock pattern!

Nickerjac said...

I'm hoping to be there on Thursday (tomorrow) well thats the plan anyway.

All the Way With Knitting said...

If I can take all my clothes off and sit with a wet towel on my head Monkey can ..he'd look a lot better tham .

Mary Anne said...

thank you for the link to Anne's sock pattern.
I hope you aren't going to give Monkey the key to the freezer. There may not be any ice cream when you return from work....

Anne said...

Thanks for linking to my sock pattern :-)

And I like the idea of inviting a spinner along to a knitting night... - I'll have to ask around and see if any of the knitters themselves spin...