Sunday, June 11, 2006

Trekking along on holiday

Thanks for coming over if you've come from the Trek Along With Me knitalong. I'm having trouble with Blogger, so I'm putting all of my holiday pics into one post, including all the Trekking ones, so bear with me on the non-trekking pics!

I spent a week in the Lake District in a cottage with my Mum, plus my brother, SIL and two nephews. And Monkey.

Monkey had a great holiday. He spent a lot of time catching up on some sleep (he obviously doesn't get enough at home) and even agreed to share his fruit with Noah, who is also a bit of a fruit fiend.

Noah and Dylan (my nephews) and their parents were able to join us for the holiday as Dylan was born so late my brother's two weeks of paternity leave were still running! Dylan also spent much of the holiday sleeping. And drinking milk. And pooing. But I suppose that's what you do when you're 8 days old.

On the Monday I found a knitting group to go along to in Penrith. I met Cynthia and Amanda in the Bluebell bookshop (scroll down the link a bit. It's an excellent bookshop, with comfy things to sit on, lots of nooks and crannies to explore and a good range of books) and spent a couple of very pleasant hours knitting, chatting, drinking tea and scoffing raspberry scones.
The trekking socks didn't get an outing here though, as I also brought Eloise with me to work on on holiday.

Then I found a furniture shop with a sale on. I bought this dining table and four chairs at half price and they are slight seconds. Amazingly the man said he would deliver them to my new house next month for only £25 (it'll take him the whole day to do the journey in his van, and the petrol alone must cost more than that!)

Then, finally, the socks got an outing! Mum and I went to Whinlatter Forest Park (England's only mountain forest. Is that true? It's what it says on the Forestry Commission website!) to check up on the ospreys. They were reintroduced to Bassenthwaite Lake a few years ago and have hatched a few chicks before, but this year they managed three! You can watch them live on the webcam. The socks went for a walk around the park and through the forest. But not very far as it was hilly and Mum has old bones which don't like hills.

Then we drove on through the Honister Pass to the Honister Slate Mine (which claims to be the only working slate mine left in Europe. Not sure if that's true either!).

Over the other side the sock was hungry so we stopped off in Rosthwaite at the Flock-In for a cup of tea and some tea bread. Greedy sock needed two cups of tea...

whilst admiring the view over Borrowdale.

Another day Mum and I went part of the way round Derwentwater on the launch (I did try knitting on the launch but it made me feel seasick so the sock had to go back in my rucksack!)

Then we got off and walked back to Keswick (only about three miles. Not sure if that counts as a trek or not!)

Saying hello to some Herdwick sheep en route.

And on yet another day, we took the car ferry across Windermere to Hawkshead. The sock put in an appearance on the ferry.

And on the final day Mum and I took Noah to the Alpaca Centre (the sock stayed at home). He wasn't too sure about the miniature donkeys.

Or the alpacas (even though the babies were really sweet)

and the adults were due to be shorn the next day.

Instead he found a much more interesting old tyre.

And sat in it.

Back at the cottage, Dylan was having another snooze.

So, yes, a good holiday, and we managed a little bit of trekking too! Mum and I also went to see the Da Vinci Code one night at the Keswick Alhambra. The film wasn't as crap as I thought it might be (well the book was, wasn't it?!). Tom Hanks was wrongly cast, but it didn't get boring, even though the storyline is a load of codswallop. There were only about 10 of us in the cinema! We were surprised how much of Lincoln Cathedral we could see (it stood in for Westminster Abbey in the film) and didn't think it was particularly violent (some friends who'd been to see it thought it was, but I suspect they hadn't been to the cinema for about 20 years).

We also found a wonderful ethical/fair trade clothing shop in Keswick called the Stripey Sheep. I could have spent a fortune but restrained myself to a couple of tops.

You will have to wait for pics of progress on the sock and Eloise. It's far too hot now to get them out for a pic!


Amy said...

What a great holiday! The pictures are beautiful! I'm jealous!

Anne said...

I'm jealous too - I love the Lakes - we used to go every couple of years when I was a child, but I don't manage it anywhere near as often now I'm living darn sarf.

I love the pic of your SIL with Dylan - it's wonderful. And the one with your brother - other people's newborns are fabulous.

Marie said...

beautiful holiday pictures, and the kids are so cute!

Norma said...

Oh, how beautiful. I loved visiting the Lakes District when I was living in England. You're darn tootin' that three miles counts as a trek! You English make me laugh. I used to ask, when in London, "Is it walking distance?" I finally learned that I could not trust the English with an answer to that question. They never say no to it, even if it's 15 miles! :)

margene said...

That's a great Trek!! Thank you for sharing your unique experience with us.

Nic said...

OOoh I'm really jealous. I love The Lakes!! My tent and I are itching to go camping but Michael is being a wimp, putting obstacles like work in the way. Dammit!! I'll be there on my own if he doesn't get his bum in gear.
I think I have bought something from that fair trade place-a funky skirt.

Birdsong said...

Yes, I did come over from Trek Along, and glad I got to share a bit of your holiday!

lorinda said...

Lucky for us that you posted holiday and sock pics together. Both are lovely!

KnitYoga said...

Lovely pics and looks like you had a fantastic holiday! The scenery looks so peaceful and idyllic. Great buy on the dining table and chairs, too

Seahorse said...

Welcome back! Your holiday looks and sounds lovely :)

Piglottie said...

Love the Bluebell bookshop - what more can you ask for, reading, knitting and the Lakes? I'll be there in a few weeks time for Woolfest, shame you couldn't make it then.

Btw, good luck with the house - not long now!

jenknits said...

Lovely pictures! What a great vacation! You are lucky to have family close enough to share it with you. And who doesn't love a brand new baby! I noticed the sheep on the mugs of tea - too cute! The socks look like they had a very nice holiday. Thank you for sharing, virtually.

Mary Anne said...

awesome holiday photos, kiddo! I love the pictures of your family and I'm glad to know Monkey went along and had a nice time. Good to see you back home.
ps: that table and chair set is beautiful.

All the Way With Knitting said...

Lovely pictures..and I said "ahhhhhhhh" when I saw Monkey..the kids are nice too !