Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happiness Swop

I recently took part in the Happiness Swop on one of the boards on Ravelry. The idea was to send a small present to one of the others. Kate sent me a parcel containing these:

A groovy tin containing a row counter (She says you put your needle through the hole with one bead for row 1 of the pattern repeat, and move it for each row. For row 11 you put a safety pin in the bead's space, and the needle through 1. So, for 25 you'd have the pin in "2" and the needle in "5".) Clever, isn't it?!


Daisy stitch markers!! Very cool (and very cheerful!). Thank you Kate. It's taken me a while to blog about it as I was waiting for some daylight to take photographs in...

I can't decide what to do about the No-purl Monkey sock. It's already had 3 attempts at being a Herringbone sock, and now I think I'm going off the No-purl Monkey pattern for this:

I've turned the heel on them, but they're working out quite big, and I think I've made the leg too long so will be in danger of running out of yarn. Now I'm thinking about frogging them (again) and making some Leyburns instead. Or am I just being even more indecisive than ever?


Nic said...

Well those daisy markers have to keep you happy. They are ace!!
I am liking the no purl monkey but if they are too big then you won't wear them and the Leyburn are funky. Decisions on a Sunday night, eh ;)

blueadt said...

Your gifts are lovely :)

I've just started with the same yarn for the 3rd time. The first pattern biased, the second lace didn't fit my feet & now I'm going toe up. Haven't decided what stitch pattern to use yet. If you're not happy change at least that way you'll have a pair you're happy with.

Anonymous said...

You are most welcome. I was kind of wishing I could mail myself to Oxford, actually, it is a beautiful place....

Lin said...

What a great tin! Shame about the socks, I am sure you will decide soon!