Saturday, July 18, 2009


I'm a bit out of the loop with podcasts. I didn't have time to listen to any for ages, but now I've got about 30 minutes of commuting time every day I've resurrected my Ipod.

  • Cast On still seems to be around.
  • I'm still catching up with the last couple of episodes of Lixie Knits It.
  • I got hopelessly behind with Lime & Violet but they still seem to be around too.
Can anyone recommend any more knitting ones? Or any others that I might like? I've been catching up with the Greenbelt talks that I downloaded last year and then never got round to listening to.

Also, is anyone going to the Iknit weekender in September? I'm hoping to go on Saturday 12th - don't want to take any more time off work as I'm getting through annual leave at a scary rate with moving house!


Heather said...

For podcasts I like Sticks and String. I have also recently discovered Electric Sheep which is quite good (though she does seem a little obsessed with being thought a granny because she knits).

I am going to be at IKnit in September. I have booked the two day ticket, and am going to a workshop on the saturday morning. See you there!

Liz said...

Yes; Sticks and String, definitely - he's so cheery! If you like SF/fantasy I'd recommend Podcastle and Escape Pod...

I'll be at both days of IKnit as well...