Sunday, February 07, 2010

Long time no blog

I haven't really gone missing, I'm just not quite sure where the time is going. We've been going to marriage preparation classes at church, which are hysterically funny. And also planning the wedding in odd moments of time inbetween doing things to the house. We spent ages getting quotes from builders for the work on the  house, and all the snow delayed things too. Weddings and building work seem to have been the only topics of conversation for quite some time now - maybe people are starting to avoid me?!
This is the current state of the living room:

The end of the bathroom, which did look like this:

has had the wall between the bathroom and separate loo knocked down:

And a new wall built to extend the corner of the bathroom, so we can put a shower cubicle there.
Downstairs we've also discovered where a door used to be, connecting the kitchen with the dining area. Which must have made the kitchen incredibly tiny.

I also got the Stashbuster Spiral socks finished. A really fun knit and a good way of using up some leftovers.

And I've been knitting a Clapotis Scarf for a friend's birthday. It's not completely the drop scarf pattern I've linked too as I've made it wider and longer, just not as wide and long as a proper Clapotis! The yarn is Mirasol Hacho, which I love love love.

Also read some good books, more details in the LibraryThing link in my sidebar, but I particularly enjoyed "Notes from an exhibition" by Patrick Gale and "Engleby" by Sebastian Faulks. And kind of enjoyed "Fault lines" by Nancy Huston, although I found it hard to keep up with each narrator as my brain was whirling around paint colours, bridesmaids dresses, yarn, bathroom fittings and other such things.

No idea when I'll next be blogging. I'm trying to take pics of all the work in progress (whether it's knitting, building work or wedding bits) as it happens, but there never seems to be much time for downloading pictures or writing about it! We're planning to be moved into the house a couple of months before the wedding, so the clock is ticking now.
I have been trying to read people's blogs, but may not be commenting as much as normal, so please don't be offended!


Nic said...

Wow! I didn't realise that it was so close to your wedding!! I think we will all forgive you for talking weddings and houses ;)

Heather said...

I loved 'Notes from an Exhibiton' - just about to re-read it for the Durham Quaker book group.

Good luck with all the renovations!!

Mary Anne said...

Love the socks and scarf. It looks like a lot of renovations. I can imagine you have a lot on your plate right now, don't forget to breathe!

dreamcatcher said...

Wow, lots of house renovations! It will look great when you've finished :-) Love the Hacho Clapotis, been wearing mine all winter.

acrylik said...

Lovely to hear from you - I had been wondering how things were going. My parents are renovating their house at the moment, so I know how stressful and time-consuming it is. Good luck with it all.

Your wedding is coming round so fast! Good luck with all your preparations :)

Linda said...

You are super busy, nice to hear from you!

nocton4 said...

lovely to see you again, exciting times

Ed Hennessy said...


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