Monday, February 28, 2011

My tomatoes were exterminated by a knitted dalek

My tomato seedlings have keeled over and died.

As they were in the same room as the knitted dalek, I blamed it for their demise. See, it looks innocent in the photo, all cuddled up with Monkey and his offspring, but we all know it isn't really.

Except I then realised I'd probably sown them too early, and then moved them on too early, so maybe it wasn't the dalek after all?

Spring is definitely on the way. Although it's been too dark when I've remembered to take photos of knitting, the garden is showing more signs of life. The daffodils I planted in the autumn are appearing.

Although the postman stood on some of them en route to the front door, so they had to come inside to open up!

And the camellia has flowered.

I have been doing some knitting. I've got my first blanket square finished, and am well on the way with the Out of Town in London Fog socks as well as a cowl, I just don't have any photos...


Mary Anne said...

Do you think the Dalek has been taking lessons from Monkey in looking sweet and innocent? It's too bad about the tomato seedlings but luckily you have plenty of time to start another batch.

I love the planters you are using for the daffodils. I am envious of your daffys; they are so far ahead of ours (which could be caused by the sporadic snow flurries and hail).

The camellia is a lovely colour and really says Spring to me.

Tina said...

Yesssss!!!! Spring is round the corner! Wow, you have a camelia surviving your winters - I don't dare to plant one, it can get rather cold for some time in our winters...