Friday, March 11, 2011

Catching up on some knitting

As promised, I have been busily knitting away, trying to get caught up with things that were meant to happen ages ago. This is the January square from the knit-a-block-a-month group. So only about 6 weeks late... This is almost exactly 50g of aran weight Pure Hebridean wool from my stash.

And I finally finished my Out of Town in London Fog socks, from Iron Knitter, which were meant to be finished in, er, September. So that's only 6 months late...
The yarn is Trekking Pro Natura, which is 25% bamboo, 75% wool. It's quite harsh to knit with, which I think is partly why it took me so long to get on with it, but I've worn the socks once and washed them and am pleasantly surprised by how soft they feel now. They were comfy to wear too. I also like the longer legs, done for the competition, but actually very useful when wearing them at work as they come up well above the top of my work boots!

The reason why I haven't had as much time to blog last week, apart from the usual inconveniences of going to work/creating meals/attempting to grow plants etc etc was my church's Read-the-whole-Bible-in-a-week week. Reading from the King James version (more usually known as the Authorised Version over here, except everyone seems to have adopted "King James" this year) as it's the 400th anniversary of its publication this year (and don't I know it, not only am I doing it at church, it's also taking over my life at work at the moment too).

So, yes, we (well, about 200 people) read the Bible in a week:

I did the material for the display screen on the right. It's about the history of the KJV translation and Bibles in general. The two chunks I read out were Galatians and John 1. This isn't my actual church - I'm in a three church parish so the event was at one of the other churches.

It was kind of fun, a different sort of listening, where the sound just washes over you. Very peaceful and meditative. I got a lot of knitting done at the same time. And having people there all day every day with the heating on meant that, for once, it was nice and warm at church.

And, it was combined with Fairtrade Fortnight, so on the last day we had a Big Brew coffee morning day, with CAKE and a Fairtrade stall. And then at the end of the Bible reading champagne to celebrate finishing.

As all of this was also combined with five days at work, producing CAKE for the CAKE stall, and all the normal life stuff by the end of the week I was absolutely exhausted and totally ready to collapse in a heap.
Except I couldn't because by then it was Monday and time to go back to work again for more King James Bible stuff...


KnitYoga said...

What a busy time you've been having. No wonder you felt exhausted. I'm glad cake was involved somewhere though.

Mary Anne said...

That is a lovely first square for your blanket. Are you going to use the same wool in different colours for the remaining squares?

Great socks too - and isn't it difficult to take photos of your own feet?

You have been busy with lots of activities; it's good you are able to fit some quiet time for knitting into the day once in awhile.

Victoria said...

You have been busy! The socks look great, and I like that blanket square. :) I need to blog, but haven't yet found the time--maybe today!

Heather Cawte said...

It all sounds hectic, Daisy - what an undertaking, to read the Bible in a week! It must have been a fascinating experience.

Love the socks, and square :)

liz h said...

Looking good! I like the look of the square in wool. I'm doing them in cotton, so they aren't as malleable.

Read the Bible in a week sounds very civilised. We did read the New Testament in 13 hours, with pizza and a sleepover while I was a chaplaincy assistant at Keele.