Sunday, July 10, 2011

Leaving work

Last week I finally left work. You may remember back in the dim and distant past of April that I acquired a new job. Unfortunately I also had the longest notice period in the universe so have only now finished the old job, ready to move onto the new one with a 10 day gap inbetween.

I had a leaving afternoon tea at work - tea, miniature sandwiches and lots of little tiny cakes and scones. Although I'm not sad to be leaving as it turned out to be a disappointing place to work and the new place has a lot more to offer, I will miss some of the people I met there, and many of them turned out to say goodbye. And gave me a rather cool sheep card:

A gardening book that's very "me" and definitely my style of gardening.

And a large pile of garden gift vouchers. After I'd finished  at work I had some friends to stay the next day, and Mum came for a few days, so we promptly disappeared off to the garden centre to spend some vouchers!

This is the first lot of plants (still got half the vouchers to spend!).

This week is a bit calmer, so I'll be planting these, and also keeping an eye on the builder who'll be installing our new downstairs loo. I have several things planned, including some knitting, some paperwork (boring, but has to be done), getting the boiler serviced, looking after the church office one morning, a planning meeting, reading group and meeting various friends for coffee!

And I've borrowed a slow cooker to experiment with as I've never used one before. I have a slow cooker recipe book reserved from the library too!


Tina said...

Wow, that is just the right present for a garden lover, isn`t it? But why do you look so sad?
If you come across a great vegetarian slow cooker recipe, let me know about it. I love to use my crocky (not known over here) but don`t do it as often as I would like. Most I have tried so far was meat, Sweetheart loved it, I had the yummy gravy (always with veggies or mushrooms), and there is also some vegetable soup/stew I have made that I loved. so easy!
Have a great free time between jobs!

erasercarver said...

Such lovely thoughtful leaving gifts! Hope you're enjoying your little break between jobs, and good luck with the new one :)

Victoria said...

It sounds like you are enjoying your time off, thus far. I don't know about you--I like being home. That doesn't mean I always get everything done, but it's nice to be home anyway.

The little party sounds neat. :) The gifts are sweet and seem very "you" indeed.

Slow cookers. Hm. I've always found the recipes I've got are too bland--I have to spice them up quite a bit. But I don't know how you normall like your food. Just make sure to follow the recipe's wet ingredients especially and cooking times. I usually have to cook things longer than indicated (don't know why). Sometimes it will look too "wet" to begin with, but a lot of the water will cook off.

I hope you continue to enjoy your time off!

Mary Anne said...

The garden gift vouchers were thoughtful gifts. I hope you enjoy every moment of your days at home and the best of luck at your new job!

ShinyNewThing said...

Longest notice in the universe, lol. Wow, generous voucher gift, you lucky thing!