Monday, July 04, 2011

Garden at the beginning of July

The garden's really beginning to grow up now. The nasturtiums I planted along the edge of the raised bed have gone a bit crazy so you can't really see what is behind them!

And this is just from a different angle, behind the apple tree. Lots of the plants are covered with aphids (the nasturtiums are particularly bad), but, having done some reading about it, it looks like things should balance out within a couple of years if we don't use chemicals. Certainly we've attracted quite a crowd of dunnocks who seem to like hopping around eating the aphids, and there are definitely more ladybirds around now.

We had to move the bird feeder after seeing a squirrel taking a flying leap from the trellis onto it, and then the OH saw a mouse shinning up the pole to the feeder so we've put some mouse traps down in the shed.

And speaking of the shed. Last weekend I went a bit mad and cleared it all out. It never got cleaned out when we moved in as we'd already got the new house to clean, and the old rented house, so it got forgotten. So, on the hottest day of the year so far I emptied the contents out, swept it all out (getting covered in dead spiders in the process) and tidied everything up.

Some of this is a bit pointless, as, as you can see, it has a BIG damp problem:

 Not a lot we can do about that at the moment. The roof has a small hole in but really needs totally replacing. Unfortunately it is both made of asbestos and continuous with the roofs of our garage and our neighbour's garage so that's going to be quite a big job. And the walls aren't great either and nor is the drainage outside. I'm not sure what the long term plan for it is really, but I've moved the tools to the one dry bit of it.

The librarian urge overcame me and I arranged the plant pots in size order.

Outside in the garden things are looking a LOT prettier than in the shed. This is a rose we were given as a wedding present last year:

And all the fuchsias are now flowering.


Mary Anne said...

You have some beautiful flowers in your garden. I love that rose, it's such a gorgeous pink shade. Good luck with sorting the shed roof!

Victoria said...

Everything looks beautiful. The garden is so green, and the rose is so pretty. I especially love the fushia--not a huge pink fan, but the brightness is speaking to me!

I hope you get the shed business sorted out.

Tina said...

I hope you'll find a good solution for the shed! Your garden looks lovely! We have a lot more aphids this year than the previous years and as I read that might be due to the dry weather in late winter/spring.
My July garden post is up now, too, better late than never :-)