Saturday, December 17, 2011

Garden at the beginning of December

I'm beginning to get caught up with myself. The warm weather we've been having meant the garden didn't stop growing when I thought it would, so I've been gardening at weekends when I thought I'd be doing crafty things and preparing for Christmas!

As you can see, this shot from the beginning of the month shows that not much has stopped growing yet. At the point the photo was taken we hadn't even had a frost, although we've had one now, but only for a few hours one night. 

Yes, we're even growing raspberries in December!

And the fuchsias are still producing new buds instead of looking like dried up bits of twig, which is what they would normally be doing by now.

The squirrel's disappointed it's eaten all the walnuts from the tree though, and is frantically trying to remember where it buried some. Wonder how many embryonic walnut trees I'll have to dig up next year? I found several this year...

It does seem a bit bizarre - it doesn't feel like only a week before Christmas. This time last year we'd had loads of snow!


Anonymous said...

The garden looks beautiful, even in December! I think we got a first frost in the middle of November when we had a cold front come through.

The squirrel does look a bit concerned! "The weather is nice, but... but... but where are the nuts??"

Oh, and I agree that it does NOT seem like only a week until Christmas!

Tina said...

It is true, you couldn't tell this picture was taken in december. But still looks lovely and green. Same over here... the weather has actually been weird this year.
sorry, I am so behind in blog writing and reading...
Tina in Germany