Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A couple of finished projects

I can finally blog about a couple of projects I've been finishing off. The first is my nephew's birthday jumper, the Intrepid Pullover, finished and despatched a week early for his birthday. I liked the pattern, although I made the body a bit longer than specified as it seemed very short. I struggled with the instructions for the raglan neck decreases so invented my own in the end. Apparently he likes it (although I think the Lego went down better!).

The second was a dishcloth featuring Bartleby, the horse from the Archers (pattern is "Loopy the Apaloosa" which sounds a lot more exotic than Bartleby). This was for someone from the Archers Listeners group who was having a civil partnership. I'm pleased with the way the pattern worked out, although the instructions for making the tail were missing, it wasn't too hard to invent a tail! A lot easier than inventing a raglan neck shaping anyway...

That's all for now, I'm just getting caught up with blogging again.

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Mary Anne said...

Lovely Intrepid Pullover and horsey cloth!