Sunday, June 10, 2012

Garden at the beginning of June 2012

We arrived back from holiday (more later - there were vast numbers of yarn shops!) just in time for my garden at the beginning of the month pictures. Although I did wait until the OH had mown the lawn.
Everything's looking very green as we've had so much rain, although a lot of things haven't grown as much as expected because it's been colder than usual at this time of year.

My cuttings and seedlings in the cold frame were looking good, I had to get the lettuce planted out quickly once we were back as it had grown dramatically whilst we were away!

All the roses had flowered whilst we were away. I love the variety of colours. All of these were planted by the previous owners of the house.

As well as the Sweet Williams I grew from seed.

Unfortunately I had a busy week ahead so had to get out there and garden in torrential rain as there wasn't any other time to do it! In the picture below my hair is as wet as it is when I've just got out of the shower! You wouldn't think it was June.

 It took a day's work to get on top of the weeding. I also potted up this fuchsia, grown from a cutting last year (my first attempt at taking cuttings) and of which I'm feeling rather pleased with myself!

 And these are the new plants we bought on holiday. Two are from National Trust properties, the others from a garden centre we stopped at on the return journey. But more about the holiday later on.


Anonymous said...

The flowers are beautiful, and yes, everything looks quite soaked, including you! And you don't look too happy about that, either!

ShinyNewThing said...

It's looking good. I nipped out last night when it was dry, and gardened from 9-10pm because I knew I wouldn't get another chance for a while, and sure enough it is pouring rain again. Your garden looks much tidier thanmine.

Mary Anne said...

Your garden is looking lovely! Those roses are gorgeous colours. It's soggy wet and cool temps. here too and our garden is very green but very slow with the plants blooming. It will be interesting to see what July has in store for your garden!