Saturday, November 09, 2013

Autumn colours

I meant to write this post in October, but had too much else going on! It's got a bit colder since, but some of the flowers are still there.

The first two apples from one of our trees - and the first year we've had any fruit from it, as we were given it as a wedding present three years ago, waited to let it get settled in and then squirrels ate the apples last year! These were really really tasty. Looks like my attempts at outwitting the squirrels worked.

Japanese anenomes in flower - this variety is called Queen Charlotte.

And my sedums. The different shades of pink are from Chelsea chopping them to different heights back in May - the deepest pink ones are the farthest on, with the others following along behind.

Fuchsia Mojo Boogie - my favourite fuchsia. Which will soon have to come into the coldframe as it isn't hardy. Wonder when we'll have our first frost?

I've been doing lots of heaving things around in the garden, as we've just ordered a new shed. The old shed is very very leaky and not really useable, plus not in the place we'd like it to be in. Now we know when the shed will be arriving (mid-December), I needed to get somewhere cleared for its base to be constructed.

We've decided to put it here, as this area doesn't get much sun, so it's not very good for growing things. My raised beds for vegetables are here, but the nasturtiums had taken over after I'd harvested the last of the veg. The rest of the space is taken up with the old compost heap from when we originally bought the house.

I used a lot of the compost to mulch the flowerbeds in the rest of the garden, then moved both of the raised beds, to create one, taller one. Lined up our compost bins, and dug out the original compost heap to start filling up the raised bed. The bucket and tap is what I make comfrey plant food in.

Now we just await the builder who's going to construct the base for us!

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