Saturday, August 22, 2015

Fair Isle sheep

Knitting tiny sizes certainly goes quickly! This is the front of the Milly tank top in size 3-6 months which only took a few days to do. I have realised that, whilst I like doing the regular type of Fair Isle with repeating patterns, I'm much less keen on the ones where you have to do lots of counting and it isn't regular, or you have to carry long floats behind the work to twist in every so often. It would probably also have helped if I hadn't also been watching 1864, which is in Danish with subtitles at the same time! Still, it was fun knitting on this size garment. I think for an adult size garment I'd want to stick to regular Fair Isle, as I learnt the holding-the-yarn-in-both-hands technique a few years ago.

This is my mitred square baby blanket made out of (machine washable) sock yarn oddments. I've finished all the mitred squares now and am planning to crochet a border, just had to wait for a 2.5mm crochet hook to be delivered as they don't have the Clover soft-touch ones at my local Hobbycraft.

And I finally got around to cutting out the pieces for a dress for the impending niece. This is the fabric I bought on holiday back in early June so it's been handing around for a while! This is the wrong side, the right side is much brighter. The local haberdashery is closing down at the end of this month, so I am going to have to be organised about going somewhere to buy buttons for the dress, as I'll have to get the car out and go further afield for them now.


Evelyn Hender said...

love the sheep tank top, very cute. The colours in your blanket are gorgeous!

nocton4 said...

Lovely post x

Iris said...

That tank top is very cute, and my goodness, a baby blanket out of sock yarn?! That must have taken ages! I knitted one when I was expecting boy #1, but it was dk and it still look me months, lol.

Love the look of the fabric that you are using for the dress - looking forward to seeing the dress once it's finished.

Victoria said...

All of it is adorable. I like how you laid out the colors in the blanket -- very fun. :) And can't wait to see the dress finished. :)

ShinyNewThing said...

So cute! I know what you mean about non-regular FI patterns, I generally end up doing a certain amount of bodging by letting the offending stitches down and re-latching up in the order they should have been in the first place. I also don't like the effect of weaving in long floats, which show badly in my loose tension. I've been stalled on the first of a pair of mittens with a winter snow scene for a couple of years now because the part I've completed so far just looks awful. Also it's too big.

Sue H said...

I love that mitre-square blanket - I'm a big fan of those, too! I love the way you've used the colours, looking forward to seeing it when you've added the border.

I envy you your ability to knit with yarn in both hands - something I've never been able to master - so my attempts at colour-work/Fairisle usually require me to pause and untangle myself at frequent intervals. ;-p

Thanks for sharing you work!