Sunday, March 06, 2016

Garden at the beginning of March 2016

A bit of a different view for garden at the beginning of the month this time. We're having building work done, so the things that normally live on the patio are currently on the lawn!

This is what the patio and garage look like at the moment. The garage roof is being replaced (it's very leaky and made of asbestos), the garage widened so that we can get LO into the car whilst it's in the garage, and unload shopping etc in there, as the garage was built for a 1950s car and they tend to be wider these days! The patio is being replaced with something that isn't pink concrete.

Amidst all this chaos, things are growing. The rhubarb is sprouting!

Daffodils are appearing in the containers - I'm pleased about this as I planted them 18 months ago and didn't replace them last Autumn as I didn't feel like lugging compost around whilst pregnant.

Hyacinths (also planted last year) are appearing in the other containers.

The Camellia is beginning to flower

And loads more flowers have appeared on the Hellebores! I thought the Daphne was going to flower too, but nothing's happened yet, and it's getting a bit late now?

That's it for this month. The building work is supposed to take 4-5 weeks, so maybe I'll have a nearly completed garage and patio to show off at the beginning of April.


ShinyNewThing said...

Gosh, your rhubarb is much more advanced than ours which are just tiny buds poking out of the dirt. How exciting that your garage project is finally underway, hope it all goes smoothly but probably good that you are at home to supervise.

Mary Anne said...

It looks like lots of work going on at your house! Renovations are always messy but worth going through if you have a lovely new garage and patio when everything's completed. Your flowers are blooming so nicely, especially the camillia (and such a pretty colour). Take care. x