Monday, June 20, 2016

Garden at the beginning of June 2016

Bit late this month, but finally I get round to posting pictures. The lawn has the addition of a small baby playing on it this month, as LO has been enjoying the warmer weather and the new lawn.

This is a mixture of plants, including one of my favourite Heucheras, in one of the borders

This is one of the Physocarpus, which has lovely flowers on it this year. I can't remember them being reddish in colour last year, but maybe I've just forgotten what they were like?

The Escallonia 'Apple blossom' which we bought on holiday in Bath three years ago is looking lovely.

And the grasses this side of the garden which I planted five years ago are looking good.

This is the finished view of the new patio and garage. So pleased with the final result - it was worth all the upheaval as we now have a useable garage, plus a lovely patio to use. I cheated and bought the hanging baskets ready-made, as finding time to garden with a baby around is quite difficult.


Mary deB said...

That all looks lovely! So nice to sit out in the sun with a baby!

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