Friday, December 08, 2006

Knitting (finally!)

And, yes, finally I'll blog about knitting! I ended up staying in Lincoln with Mum for longer than anticipated (almost 3 weeks after the op.) after both of us caught a tummy bug from my nephews. Which was really pleasant 10 days after a tonsillectomy! Anyway, I'm on the mend now thank goodness and actually felt human yesterday for the first time in weeks. Thank you for all the comments, emails, prayers, fluffy vibes etc etc!

Anyway, someone at least had fun whilst we were at Mum's:
I got most of Noa made whilst waiting in the hospital and finished her off at home, but forgot to take a photo before I lent my camera out!

This is Devan blocking:
This is the 1-2 year size but has come out bigger than the measurements in the pattern! I did do a gauge square too! Weird. The blocking mat is a table-top ironing mat with elephants on that I got from Lakeland Limited to take with me to uni. And before anyone wonders why I took an ironing mat to uni, I was really quite weird (especially during my first degree!) and did do quite a lot of ironing until I realised that there were more fun and interesting things to do.

I chose some buttons from Mum's button collection. These are all recycled and have come from clothing that was too worn to be mended or to go to the charity shop.

This is Devan finished.

And the back view! The yarn is all Opal 4ply - the patterned one is a Rodeo colourway.
It was on 2.5 and 3mm needles. I did the gauge swatch on the 3mm needles (the pattern wasn't very clear) but think it might have been better on the 2.5mm! Still, Dylan will grow into it at some point! It felt like a quick knit as I didn't seem to have it on the needles for very long, but bear in mind that I wasn't really doing anything other than sitting and knitting in front of DVDs at the time!

I'd enjoyed making the Mermaid sock for myself (see earlier post) so decided to make some for my SIL for Christmas. (My pair is now on hold!). One Christmas one is now complete and the other is halfway there. I thought the yarn was quite in-yer-face so did the heel with the plain blue used for Devan!
The yarn is Regia Stretch Colour 4ply in "Fantasie" colourway. Mostly knitted on 2.5mm needles with 2mm ones used for the heel. The pattern is from Lucy Neatby's "Cool Socks Warm Feet"

And, I've been thinking about taking a blog break for a while now. I've actually quite enjoyed having time off when I was in Lincoln and couldn't post regularly. Blogging is starting to feel like a chore, and it's meant to be fun, and I seem to have read quite a few blogs recently from people who are thinking about taking a break or stopping blogging altogether because the same thing has happened. Looking back, it's quite encouraging how much my life has changed since I started blogging about 18 months ago. Then, I was only working 1-2 days a week (from home) and finishing my MA. Now the MA is done and dusted and I'm working full-time and away from home most of the time. I'm finding that my time is more limited (not in a bad way, as I'm doing loads of things now that I enjoy doing, and I love my job, whereas before I was sat around at home all the time), I've got a full-size house to look after (rather than a tiny flat!) and friends I want to spend time with, as well as knitting to do, books to read and things I want to cook. And I use my laptop at work, I don't want to be sitting in front of it in my spare time too!

Soooooooo, I don't want to stop altogether, and I don't want to set a date and say that I'm not going to blog until then. I'm just going to blog when I feel like it, and sometimes it'll be short and sometimes long and woffly. So, I'd suggest, that if you're really that keen to read my wofflings and don't want to keep checking back here, it might be an idea to add this blog to your Bloglines or Blogrolling sub!


Nickerjac said...

We will miss you but I understand and look forward to the odd update x

Piglottie said...

Devan looks great, as does the sock. Completely understand about taking a break from blogging. I did earlier in the year when it became a chore, and now feel much more relaxed about it. Shall miss you but understand. Take care.

Anne said...

You're on my bloglines anyway, so I'll be there, reading, whenever you get the urge to put fingers to keyboard. (So long as you're still coming to Skip North...)

But you're right - blogging should be for fun and relaxation - if it feels like a chore, then let it rest for a while.

Mary Anne said...

Your Devan is beautiful! Did I tell you Holli Yeoh, the designer, is President of our knitting guild?

I understand about the break from blogging; that's why I only post once a week on Fridays. I think we all need a break now and then so we can come back refreshed. You have so much to enjoy and look forward in your life now, kiddo, and that's a good thing. We will wait for your posts, when you are ready.

ps: Monkey looks chipper as always.

sue said...

Maybe a holiday is needed after your operation. I will look forward to reading your updates though, and the Devan is gorgeous. I am sure your nephew will look fantastic in it, and I love the socks.

Anonymous said...

Devan is amazing, what a wonderful knit.

I bought the Cool Socks book last week and love it. I enjoyed seeing your interpretation of Mermaid, I like what you've done with the heel.

Silvia said...

Everything looks fantastic..I love the colour and look of devan and the Sock looks great. Shame I don't like Sock knitting or I would be tempted.
I will miss your regular broadcasts:) but will still keep checking back.

Annarella said...

The sock looks fab, what an interesting stitch, looks waaaay too complicated, well done! Take care xx

Rain said...

Devan looks great, little people will always grow into things.

I love the sock, it looks really effective with the different colour heel.

Enjoy the blog break.

Seahorse said...

Devan is lovely! I really like the Mermaid sock - definitely on my 'to do' list.

I totally understand the wish to take a break from bloging so often but I'm very glad you're not stopping altogether.

susoolu said...

So glad the tonsils are finally history - and Devan is cute, as is the one sock.

And you should never do anything in your free time that is meant to be fun, and ends up like a chore. But please don't disappear completely! I need a Monkey fix, every now and again.

Susan Hird said...

Whilst I'm sad not to have your entertaining blog to read regularly, I can understand your need for a break. We all get busy in our lives, and other things take priority. That shows that you are growing and moving on. Love the socks, but not sure I want to pay that much for a book. Love the Devan too.
Will check back from time to time to see if you have any updates.
Take care, and happy knitting.

katarinaw said...

I know exactly what you mean about now having much blogging time/feel like blogging. I'm working full time and studying part time, and I hardly have time to see my friends.

I'll miss reading your posts, but I'll always continue looking forward to them when you're up for it!

Sorry to hear that you were ill, too! Tummy bugs = evil!


nanatoo said...

Both the sock and Devan are beautiful, you've left (but not forever of course!) on a high note :D

Anonymous said...

Daisy-I really like those socks!

KnitYoga said...

Devan looks great and the ironing mat is a great idea for blocking use. The Mermaid socks are fab and ooh buttons!! Know what you mean about taking a blog break or at least not feeling you have to blog.

Monika said...

Just came over from the sockknitters to see your beautiful mermaid socks. They look wonderful. I thought of knitting them before, but now I really want to make them as well. Great work!

Susan Hird said...

Just want to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas, and a safe and happy New Year.

Juliet said...

Hi, Look after yourself - love your knitting. Hope Monkey will look after you, as he is at the fruit bowl I guess he is into healthy living and will keep an eye on your wellbeing in general