Monday, January 02, 2017

Garden at the beginning of August - October 2016


I got really behind with my garden at the beginning of the month photos this year. Once LO was mobile it was hard to get outside with a camera and take pics, and then get them transferred onto my computer and edited for a blog post. So, this is a quick round up of some of the pictures I took.

One of LO's Christening presents - beautiful flowers, it's a stock called 'Joy' from RHS Wisley.

Beautiful flowers

The OH watering the garden during a dry spell. With some assistance from LO who liked moving the hosepipe.

Beginning to look a little Autumnal, and the colours are fading a little bit.

Apples ripening on the standard tree. We did well for apples this year, although they came out quite small - didn't have enough rain at the right time.

Ripening apples on the espalier tree. This is a different variety which ripens later.

The Japanese anenome in all its glory.

One of the fuchsias

The sedums just coming into flower.

Some of the Pyracantha berries.

The Japanese anenome border beginning to look very autumnal!

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