Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Radio 4

Is it me or has Radio 4 started doing a heck of a lot of repeats? I can kind of understand Woman's Hour having some bits repeated during Weekend's Woman's Hour as that catches different groups of people, but I always end up listening to Home Truths twice each week (once whilst getting up on a Sat morning and once whilst going to bed on Mondays). And I'm sure I've listened to the same thing about Ethics several times over now...

I got the second sleeve of my jumper finished off at lunchtime whilst watching Neighbours and Doctors (still trying to wean myself off these but am not getting very far as it's a good excuse to knit in the middle of the day!). I just need to weave the ends in now, block it, sew it together, do the collar and er, that should be it. The book is not progressing so well, still 400+ pages to go and must return it to library on Saturday!

The good news is that someone has replied to the message I posted on UKHandknitters about a Lincolnshire knitting group - that makes 3 of us interested and hopefully something will get off the ground once I'm back from holiday. We've sorted out a venue in Lincoln and are just waiting to hear back from one in Sleaford before we do posters and stuff.

I've used most of the rest of my ball of Opal sock yarn (see earlier post) to make a little bag. I taught myself picot edging in the middle of Saturday night and now the idea is to turn it into a lavender bag, using the lavender growing outside, to form an instant birthday present for


Anonymous said...

Ah! so you watch lunch-time T.V too..my daughter and I despair at ourselves for watching "Doctors" as it comes over as education by The Ministry of Health ( circa 1950)...it has so many repeat story-lines and do your G.P's sit and listen to all your family problems ? It doesn't stop us and to make it worse we follow up with awful Channel 5 films. We have now purchased the whole of "West-Wing" in case we got brain-death.I decided to go back to radio 4 but find so much of it boring and out of date and often like a joke..I wonder if any writers have heard of an ethnic minority .That is not a problem in Doctors where it must be a bye-law that caucasians marry afro-caribbeans ( and we notice cos that is our family mix) .Asians seem rather lacking for a Midlands town ..no? Angie

Sally said...

The solution to this is not to listen to Home Truths. When my husband was about 5 Emmerdale farm was on after the kids programmes, so he used to run round the house shouting 'Farm, Farm' so his Mum would turn the TV off. We both have a similar reaction to the Archers now. Also Home Truths which is known as 'Truths, Truths' and promptly turned off. I like you blog.