Wednesday, June 01, 2005

It's raining...

Horrible, rainy day and I'm lacking motivation to do very much at all. The jumper is now half blocked (only room to do half at a time) and I've discovered a picture of the banana I knitted for Monkey (from Jean Greenhowe's Knitted Toys) so thought I'd post that for all to see:

Whilst looking for something else last week I found that Mavis Crafts (where I bought the original Monkey kit) has a gallery of Monkeys knitted by various people! Nice to know there are other people as nutty as me out there.

And then onto something a bit more philosophical:
Why am I writing a blog? Will anybody read it and why would they want to (?!).

Well I've enjoyed reading the blogs I've read so far. I like the ideas etc I've picked up along the way - places to go, things to knit, books to read. I like having the contact with other knitters and to post pictures of what I'm knitting (this way people can come to my blog and have a look if they want rather than me driving everyone dotty by emailing pictures of socks all over the place!). I suppose once Lincolnshire Knitters, or whatever we end up calling it, gets off the ground, that won't matter so much. But blogs are a good way of finding out what's going on in different parts of the country - new shops to try etc. Oh and my HTML was getting a little rusty so at least I get some practice here too..

Right, and now I really should go down to the post office to get rid of the ebay parcels. I've been waiting ages for 2 echeques to clear - I hadn't even heard of them until two people from my last auction suddenly paid via Paypal using echeques - which seem to take at least 10 days to clear. I suppose at least you know it's on the way rather than hanging around for the post to see if someone's send a "real" cheque... And, it's stopped raining....... I'm off!


Steph said...

Cute monkey - I love the banana!
You asked about the seedhouse on my blog - I got mine from Argos for £15 but any garden centre should do similar ones.

Tracy said...

Blogs are good things but they also tempt you with all sorts of projects! All I have to do is see some pretty wool for a certain project and I'm bitten badly! Still, I've also learnt a great deal and I have made some wonderful friends all over the world.

Andrea said...

Hi Daisy
Love the monkey and banana!!! I've only recently joined the blogging craze but I am completely hooked - I think they're brilliant. Like Tracy says though, you do end up with an ever increasing to do list when you see patterns you hadn't seen before + a rather hectic favourites(bookmarked) folder as you get knowledge of more and more interesting sites (both blogs and yarn/knitting related).
Worse for me is how hours can be sucked up surfing the web reading peoples blogs!!!!!

Angie Cox said...

On the whole I find a lot of Bloggers so in love with themselves I gag ..not yours I must add. I do think some of them must be keeping us from knitting ..but then my poor daughter can only wear a certain amount and I am a yarn addict.I wonder now if I am a customer as I get a lot of E:Bay parcels.Has anyone else noticed that so many buyers pay more for yarns like Rowan and Colinette than from regular shops ?Monkey must be good because my husband loves him and that is very un-like him( not a stuffies fan )Angie .