Thursday, December 28, 2006


Christmas got off to a fantastic start on Christmas Eve with a drain blocked with dead leaves and rancid porridge. Nice.

But once that was over with things dramatically improved. We went to Midnight Mass in the village church, which was wonderful. It's the first year I've spent Christmas at my own place, instead of returning to Lincoln, and so the first time I've been able to enjoy celebrating Christmas at the church I go to most of the time! The church was stuffed full, it's normally fairly full on a Sunday, but Midnight was people crammed into every possible corner. Bizarrely the congregation was full of people in their 20s and 30s, wonder where they get to the rest of the year?!

As it was just me and Mum for Christmas we went totally veggie (hah!) and had the normal Christmassy vegetables for lunch, along with cheese and parsnip roulade from Delia's Christmas. Nice recipe, if a little fiddly to make. I wasn't so keen on it by the time I'd had my fourth meal of it on Thursday!

On Boxing Day we went for a walk round the lake.

And found a duck feeding place with lots of quackers around.

Presents (yarny related):
Well, Dylan (6 month old nephew sprog) gave me a ball of yarn. Gedifra Filorosa, which is totally insane yarn. It has sections of completely different yarns all wound into one ball.

Mary Anne sent me a pattern book (Sirdar Furry Friends), Not Just for Vegetarians and a new little friend for Monkey. The recipe book is fab, and I bought some measuring cups when I went into Newark yesterday so I can start making things!

And these were from a Secret Santa exchange I took part in. The yarn is 4ply botany wool from 21st Century Yarns in colourway Amethyst. It's gorgeously soft and squishy. The photo seems to have come out more blue than purple, but I assure you it really is purple!

and a ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, which I think I'll use to make Fetching, and a box of my favourite chocolates! The yarn is also purple, not that you can tell in the light in this photo!

So, a good Christmas! Thank you for the prezzies people!

Meanwhile, I've been thinking about things I want to do next year. One is to walk the length of Hadrian's Wall (Carrie Anne gave me this link to a really helpful website). I also discovered that Northern Cross have a pilgrimage to Lindisfarne at Easter, which starts out in Carlisle and walks along the wall. But somehow I doubt I'm fit enough to walk 118 miles at the moment. 60 would be more doable... Ah, back in my younger days I used to be able to trot off and walk 50-60 miles in a weekend without really thinking about it (certainly without anything resembling "training"!) but now I'm getting old (= sit on my bum driving a car all the time) it might be slightly more difficult.


Anonymous said...

ooooo, someone got lucky! What's the yarn?

Anonymous said...

Ooo,yes pray tell!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your Christmas sounds wonderful, lovely and relaxing and spiritual.

I made Delia's parsnip roulade for my mum the other Christmas too and we really enjoyed it, it's a good recipe, isn't it?

The yarn you received is gorgeous!

The pilgrimage walk to Lindisfarne sounds excellent - start training now and go for it!

blueadt said...

We were in Lyme Regis the weekend that Yarn Shop opened & I'm glad to hear that it's still going strong.

The pie looks gorgeous!

artyfartykat said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas.
There are many beautiful sights along Hadrians wall, it would definitely be worth the hard work!!

Anonymous said...

Your roulade looked very delicious .... and your drain didn't! Mine was doing the same thing a couple of days ago, lol. A quick poke with a stick and we were fine :D
Your Secret Santa purples are very you and I hope you enjoy them. Great pressies all round!

Mary Anne said...

Sounds like a lovely Christmas all around. I envy you being able to walk along Hadrian's Wall. I hope you will take many photos.
Happy New Year, kiddo!

Rain said...

It sounds like you had a lovely time.

The yarn from your secret pal is divine.