Sunday, January 28, 2007


I realised as I was driving home from work on Friday that I resemble an ant. You know those streams of ants you get going from somewhere exciting back to their ant-nest? Well that's what it was like on the A1. Nobody was overtaking or turning off or doing anything remotely interesting. The outside lane was full of lorries, most of the cars were in the inside lane and we all just hurtled along, no one getting past anyone else, as everyone was doing at least 70 mph. It was the same on Monday morning, when I left at some obscene hour, to find that a heck of a lot of other people also drive south at that time (surely they're not ALL commuting to London?). There was one redeeming bit where the A1 turns into the A1(M) around Peterborough, and suddenly there are 4 lanes in both directions and all the traffic vanishes (to where?). Anyway, if anyone else was also hurtling north along the A1 on Friday, I was the one singing very loudly and tunelessly along to my Abba CD (in an attempt to stay awake) in a mud-caked Fiesta with lots of knitting bouncing around on the back seat.

This week I've been working near Cambridge. Work has been spectacularly dull (19th century German imprints WITHOUT A PUBLICATION DATE and in HORRENDOUS GOTHIC TYPE anyone?! I dropped German at school to do Latin. Hmm.) but I got to go along to the Cambridge KTog one night which was excellent and fab! Anne very kindly invited me to have tea with her family beforehand (which was very cool quinoa bake and scrummy chocolate cookies, but not together). I also met Rosie, who is also going to Skip North, so I'm gradually meeting people before we go!

Me and Anne at the meeting, which is in a pub in Cambridge (does anyone else think I've got teeth like a vampire in this pic? I do):

and an extremely cool cat, who was also in the pub, but not knitting as he was very busy doing other things.

I've also found some of the pics I took the week before at Center Parcs (grrrr, CENTRE PARKS). This is Dylan wrestling Monkey to the ground.

and me and Noah being altogether more civilized and reading the paper over a cup of tea (me) and water (him): (please note, I do not normally read the Telegraph. My Mum gets it and it was raining so I didn't want to walk to the shop to buy a Guardian.)

Monkey, meanwhile, as been behaving disgracefully. Now that he has Baby Monkey to look after he is meant to be behaving in a responsible fashion. So I left a large pile of washing up behind when I went to work on Monday, came home on Friday and he hadn't done it.

And just to prove that I do knit occasionally ;-) these are my finished Mermaid socks (I gave the other pair to my SIL):

and Coronet hat. I used some of the Cascade 220 which Amy sent me in the SP exchange in 2005 and it's lovely and soft and snuggly!

Have you seen the pictures of Get Knitted's new REAL shop? I need to go to Bristol ASAP. Except I'm on a yarn diet. Oops.

That's all for now folks! My unread bloglines thingy is now at something like 500+, but never mind...


Amy said...

Hey, the hat looks great! And hmmm, the colorway on those socks looks familiar... :-)

Seahorse said...

I hardly think you can blame monkey for the go slow on the housework, after you let him take such a beating from Dylan. Looks like he's turned to drink as well! Poor monkey.

I absolutely love the Mermaid socks - I bought CSWF just for that pattern really!

Piglottie said...

Hmmm, teeth do look a bit vampish!! Love the hat. Its such a great pattern, I knitted it last year but shall probably do another one.

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly with you about 'Center Parcs' -and Plumb Center, etc., too. Yuk.

I didn't know Cambridge had a knitting group - I live in BSE, so I might make it over there one day!

acrylik said...

Monkey looks like he enjoyed looking after the house whilst you were away!

Love the mermaid socks, that is a great pattern. Your hat looks lovely and warm too.

artyfartykat said...

Love the hat and the colour of the socks is fab!

Susan Hird said...

At least you are working. As an agency worker, I have had virtually none since before Christmas.
Don't get me started on US spelling (or lack of it), it's one of my pet hates.
LOVE those socks. Where did the pattern come from?

Mary Anne said...

So nice to see you here. Your knits look lovely and the picture of Dylan wrestling with Monkey is hilarious. I'm glad he has Baby Monkey to hang around with.

maylin said...

Love the socks. I have been eying up the pattern in the Lucy Neatby book, maybe this is the incentive I need to get started.

Rain said...

Aw, your nephews are real cuties.

The socks look great and I love teh yarn you used for the hat.

Lizi said...

Hey, come to Bristol anyway. It would be lovely to see you.