Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The amazing disappearing snow

I went back up to Lincoln for the Easter weekend (yes, the Lent carbon-fast has been a disaster - 1100 miles driven, although I have turned down the radiator in my room, which obviously cancels out the driving...). And I'm going to Bristol on the train next weekend. So that's OK then.

Saturday morning in Lincoln was grey and dingy:

although I did go to Knit Lincs to meet up with Nic & some of the others which brightened the day up.

Then on Sunday we woke up to this:

4" of it. Which had reduced to this by Monday morning!

But at least these two had a chance to build a snowman with some parental help (Auntie was still in her pyjamas)!

I hadn't seen Noah and Dylan since Christmas and it was amazing how much they had changed. Not so much growing, but Noah was talking so much more and has also entered the "why" phase. One conversation ran like this:
Me: I'm just going to nip to the loo before we go out, Noah.
Noah: Why?
M: Because I need a wee.
N: Why?
M: Because I drank a really big cup of tea a while ago.
N: Why?
M: Because I was thirsty.
N: Why?
M: Because I hadn't had a drink for a while.
N: Why?
Large series of crashes heard in the distance as Auntie goes to bang her head against the wall.

He also still didn't believe it was possible for grown ups to want to stay in bed for the morning and came to find me on the Saturday when I'd gone back to bed with a cup of tea:
Noah: Why you in bed?
Me: I'm asleep.
N: Why? (his expression saying "my auntie is a great big liar, she's not at all asleep")
M: Because it's the middle of the night (otherwise known as 8am) and when you get to my age you need lots of sleep.
N: Why?
At this point I realised that sleep wasn't going to happen and gave in and read him a story.

The previous weekend I had a very enjoyable few days in Bristol with Esme and Persephone and their humans:

I went to the City Museum & Art Gallery with one of their humans, which was fun, especially as it was free so you don't have that need to look at every single picture like you feel you have to when you've paid to get in. Or is that just me?

One of the humans also knits so we had a very peaceful evening of knitting, which was great fun. I finally got the little socks finished for my colleague's daughter's 1st birthday:

These are with some leftover Regia Canadian Color yarn.

In Lincoln this weekend I had a bit of a heart-stopping moment when I thought I might not have enough yarn left for this sock:

I just made it, although bear in mind the recipient hasn't tried it on yet. So I hope it doesn't need to be any longer. This is the Garter Rib sock pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, using the unbranded 4ply I bought last year at the Skep during Skip North. I don't think the yardage is as good as some other sock yarns as normally I'd have plenty of yarn for one sock in a 50g ball.

And I think that's all for now. I'm off to Bristol again this weekend for a crochet workshop at Get Knitted. YAY!! (and 10% off on the day...) And I'm going on the train this time so, not only less global warming, but more knitting time...


Mary Anne said...

Gorgeous snow scene; I'm glad the children had a chance to play before it was all gone. I love the conversations between you and your nephew ^.^

Your little socks are quite beautiful.

I hope your trip to Bristol is a nice one and you enjoy your crochet experience.

Rosie said...

your exchanges with Noah have had me in stitches! looking forward to hearing more about the crochet workshop.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Lincoln got a lot of snow. We had a covering on Easter Sunday morning, but it was gone by the time we went to church! If we didn't have a two-year old alarm clock - I mean toddler - we would have missed the best of it!

Nic said...

I am so bad at commenting on blogs at the moment. I was laughing at your conversations with Noah. Imagine that multiplied by 2 and that is my standard day, hence why driving to Lincoln for a couple of hours of 'peace' is such a good idea ;)
Lazy old Aunties, honestly. Don't you know that the early bird catches the worm!
I love the baby socks, the colour is fab. I think I need some of that when I have got rid of some of my sock yarn mountain.
Have fun at Get Knitted. I'm not at all jealous, honest (I'm going to Wonderwool ;o) )
Nic xxx

blueadt said...

With my DD it was

"Wha Dat?"

with everything. It drove us barmy in the end & then the Why started....

I'm doing a crochet course at Rowan in a couple of weeks & GK is just too far for me to get too :(

Cat said...

The snow was crazy, wasn't it? My parents are about halfway between Lincoln and Nottingham and they had similar amounts to what you got in Lincoln. Here in Nottingham, though, it only really settled in the odd plant pot and was melted by 9 the same morning.

Very odd.

Anonymous said...

"Because Y's a letter and you ought to know better' is what we were told when my mum had reached the end of her tether with the 'why's!

KnitYoga said...

Great snow photos - shame it didn't last long but at least it lasted long enough for some snowman building! The little socks are lovely!

Seahorse said...

Lol! Aren't kids great! I sometimes resort to 'because I said so!' :D

Lovely socks!

acrylik said...

Love all your conversations with Noah!

I love the little socks, beautiful colours, and glad you had enough yarn to finish your other sock.

Have a fantastic time in Bristol and at the crochet course. Looking forward to hearing all about it.