Monday, March 10, 2008

I've done something really stupid.

Not only is my stash 150 miles away, but now my knitting is too! I went up to Newark and Lincoln for the weekend, to check my house was still standing after the earthquake, and managed to forget to bring the knitting I'd taken with me back down again! Which is a problem as the little socks I was knitting for my colleague's daughter's birthday need to be finished by Friday. My Options set was with it, so, although I have some yarn down here, there are no needles!

Fortunately my super hero spiritual director is travelling between Lincoln and Windsor this week and had been planning to visit me anyway on Wednesday, so he picked the knitting up today from Mum's and will hopefully be bringing it with him on Wednesday!

I have got some pics for the blog, but Blogger won't let me upload them. Grrr.

Personally, I'm going to blame Monkey for all of this.


knittyknit said...

Hi, it was nice to meet you on saturday! I was sitting next to Nicola attempting to knit with 5 toothpicks.... the one with a baby.. You've knitted some really nice things!
I'd love it if you could peek at my new(ish) blog. It seems to be only my brother reading it at the moment!

scarletprincess said...

Oh dear! well it's nice of your colleague to fetch it for you :o) Grrr to blogger too!

Mary Anne said...

That was quite the earthquake! I'm glad all is ok. I don't think you can blame Monkey for this ^.^

Nic said...

I want a spiritual director! She sounds lovely.
I hope you get your knitting today and you get those socks knitted super quick.
It was good to see you again on Saturday. I *have* to come to Lincoln on Easter Saturday because I have work to do so I will definitly be there.

acrylik said...

Eeek! At least you will hopefully get your knitting back today and will be able to finish the pressie. Good luck!

Seahorse said...

Oy, that Monkey! Cut the banana ration!