Saturday, November 08, 2008

Finishing things off

Yes, at last, proof that Slough really is on another planet. A planet that has eight day weeks...

I've had my Mum to stay for five nights and have been busily finishing things off (knitting that is, not my Chartership portfolio, which is still lurking in the living room). The problem at the moment is finding enough light to photograph things. It's now dark when I leave work, and pretty much dark when I leave home in the morning. So I have taken to using the table in the Reading Room at work as a photographic backdrop:

So exciting is this table that I managed to miss the yarn (almost completely) and take a pic just of the table. Fortunately my colleagues seem to have accepted that I am Totally Stark Raving Bonkers so they don't bat an eyelid at lunchtime when I spread knitting all over the place and take photos of it.

This is my finished Irish Hiking Scarf. I altered the beginning and end to three rows of garter stitch instead of launching straight into the cable. It seemed to give it a better border. That took 2 skeins of Lamb's Pride Worsted, as purchased from Get Knitted back in March.

And I finally finished my Greenbelt socks! I made quick progress on these actually at Greenbelt, but then got distracted once I got home so the final sock half took considerably longer! This is Welt Fantastic by Charlene Schurch, from Sensational Knitted Socks.

Thanks to blogs and Ravelry I've been doing some swops n' stuff. I swopped some yarn from my stash with Dee in the US, who very kindly went shopping for me and brought back 3 skeins of Wildfoote Sock Yarn. Michele first introduced me to this on the Monkey swop, and it's YUM!

Then Alex had used some Noro sock yarn, wasn't sure about it so offered the remains to whoever left a comment asking for it. There's enough here to have a trial go, which is great as I've admired it in the shops but wasn't sure how it would knit up or whether I'd like it!

And Kat sent me this skein of Lorna's Laces as a birthday present! Don't you just love the colours? She says I should be able to get a pair of trainer socks out of it.

Otherwise not much is going on here in Slough. Surely if we have eight day weeks here I'd have more knitting time? I'll leave you with a pic from a walk I went on with Mum last weekend. This is Burnham Beeches (yes, again, although I promise I don't live there) just as the leaves are turning. It looked absolutely beautiful, but was very squelchy under foot!


Anne said...

I could really use an 8 day week - especially if the children would hibernate for that extra day...

Lin said...

Nice to read your news. The yarns you have look great and that walk lovely.

acrylik said...

Beautiful knits, I like the edge you knit on the Irish Hiking Scarf, gives it a nice touch.

You'll have to let us know your thoughts on the Noro sock yarn, I'm intrigued by it, but haven't seen it in the flesh yet.

I could definitely do with an 8 day week ;)

KnitYoga said...

An 8 day week sounds fantastic! I'll have to move to your part of the world! LOL

I like the change you've made to the Irish Hiking scarf and love the autumnal pic.

Lindsey said...

That naughty table! Imagine shoving your yarn out of the way so it could hog the limelight. Perhaps it needs a spanking?

Alison Boon said...

Wouldn't we all love an extra day a week, so long as it was at the weekend.

Nic said...

Ooh yeah an 8day week would be ideal.
I love your scarf. I have that on my (now obscenely long) Ravelry queue. The blue is lovely.