Saturday, November 29, 2008

Where did November go?

Eeek, it's the end of November and I'm not sure where the time went!

We've been frantically busy at work this month. In fact, I've hardly done any of the Thing that is supposed to be the Main Part of my job. I've really enjoyed (almost) every day, there is so much happening and so much that's new to try out but it's only just dawned on me that the reason I'm no longer capable of staying awake after 10pm may have something to do with all this! Anyway, things should calm down fairly soon. One of my colleagues was off sick for 10 days so I've been covering for her. I also got to courier Something Large to an exhibition at the Bodleian. Which was also fun. I'd never couriered for an exhibition before and it was really cool watching them get all set up and watching my Large Object being installed. And I got to travel in the courier van (I was a bit sad it wasn't a lorry as I was hoping to up my street cred with the nephew sprogs by showing them pics of me in a lorry) . The exhibition is called "Hallelujah, the British Choral Tradition" if anyone has an urge to go and see it.

And I finished my portfolio! That's what's been taking up time in the evening and at weekends. It's currently being proofread by one of my colleagues so sometime this week I'll get it back, make some changes, print out three copies, get them bound, parcel them up with a cheque for a ridiculous amount of money and post the whole lot off to CILIP to be assessed! Does CILIP not realise that there is yarn out there to be bought with money, rather than sending it off for some stupid assessment?!

I'm very behind with blog reading (again), mainly caused by people doing NaBloPoMo, which appears to have been designed to make me feel guilty about keeping up with blogs (but then I have enjoyed reading the NaBloPoMo posts I've read, I've just got a lot to catch up with), but also by my laptop, which has taken to crashing at every possible opportunity, and not just when using Yahoo and Flickr as it did before... The laptop replacement fund is in action though, and I am busily working out the cheapest time to buy a new one. Fortunately, when I had my car serviced this month, it didn't need any new tyres, which I had been anticipating having to buy, which means the laptop can now be bought sooner!!

Unfortunately the two projects I'm working on at the moment are for swops, so I can't really post pics of them. I also haven't taken any pics of them anyway as the light is so bad. So there aren't any pics to see. I did just try to upload a picture of the basil growing on my windowsill (on the grounds that a pictureless post is boring) but the laptop crashed Again, so I'm giving up on pics for the time being.


Nickerjac said...

Congratulations on finishing your portfolio :)

Mary Anne said...

at least you have your portfolio done and now you can think of other things!

I hope that laptop keeps working until you can replace it. maybe Monkey could have a look at it? (or maybe that's why it's not working very well ^.^)

be sure to take some time for yourself during this hectic season.

Craftydramaqueen said...

Well done! Good luck with the laptop fund.

acrylik said...

I know - where are the months flying to? Great to hear that you're enjoying work so much, and congratulations on finishing your portfolio, that's wonderful news!

nocton4 said...

just checking in and sending you some love