Thursday, April 23, 2009

Folksy and Misi

I've been admiring things on Etsy for a while, but the dollar pricing put me off, especially once the exchange rate began to move in the wrong direction (for me).

Then I read on Nic's blog about Folksy, which is like a UK version of Etsy. And I got hooked stalking things on that. A couple of weeks ago I bought a couple of things from Nic's shop, NicsKnots, pictures below:

A needle roll for DPNs with SEEPS on it!! BAAAAAA

And this really cool cat drawstring bag:

I'd also followed Nic onto Misi (which is similar to Folksy) to have a look. And ended up stumbling upon the perfect present for a friend, from a seller called Mad about bags

Haven't sent her it yet, I hope she'll like it!

Thank you for all the comments about my last post - we enjoyed reading them (he does read my blog, and yes, he has seen the size of my stash. Although he's only seen the boxes and chest etc that it's stored in, rather than the whole lot strewn all over the place, which would look far scarier...)

I'm missing my garden. I've been reading people's updates about gardens and planting things, including Yarnstorm's gorgeous pictures, and I'm missing doing things in my garden. Waah. I'd only just discovered that I liked gardening, so I only really had 18 months of doing it, but I enjoyed it in that time (we'll ignore all the Sunday afternoons I spent moaning about having to go outside to do stuff instead of curling up with a book).

So I planted some herb seeds for my windowsill:

It's not really the same, is it?! Now the weather is better I'm also missing having the garden for hanging washing outside. The airer is a bit of a permanent feature in my living room. I want my garden back!! I hope my tenant is taking good care of it...


Lin said...

I wish you were nearer and could come and do my garden!! Its full of weeds at the moment.
I tried Folksy as a seller and found it slow compared to Etsy but I like the idea of a UK site.

acrylik said...

Oooh, I hadn't seen Misi, thanks for the info. You have bought some beautiful items on there, I just get so inspired by all the amazing talent that's out there.

I totally agree about having access to outdoor space, it's a life line for me. I love those herb pots!

Tabitha said...

Love the little sheepies and kitties. You have great taste in knitting bags.

Nic said...

Thanks for the mention and sorry it took me so long to comment!
MISI is ace. And the people on Folksy but the woman who runs MISI really is a lovely person who works so hard :) Just need to make money to spend it on all of the lovely things that are for sale :)
How are the herbs growing? You'll have to befriend someone near you with a garden...if you lives closer, you could have some of mine ;)