Sunday, May 03, 2009

Flying visit

I'm off to Get Knitted at the end of this week to do a course with Farli and Penny.

On the day I'll get 10% off anything I buy in the shop, so it seems a bit silly for the yarn diet to be in operation that day, doesn't it?

I need to decide what I'm looking for. I've wanted to make Maude - from the Inside Loop for ages, so I think I'll go with yarn for that (her?). So I need either 1890 yards of laceweight or 945 yards of fingering weight. There are some really gorgeous ones already made on the Ravelry project page. I've seen the original at Diane's flat, and it's really really nice.

But I also want to make these sometime:
Hey Teach - from Knitty.
February Lady Sweater - from Ravelry.
Amelia - from Knitty.
Henley Perfected - from Interweave Knits.

Decisions, decisions...

But before I do the course I'm off to Tuscany on a work trip. Yes, I did say a work trip to Tuscany. It will be a bit of a flying visit, and unfortunately it looks like my attempt to arrange to meet up with some other knitters in Pisa isn't going to happen (typically, a work meeting got in the way, and much as I would prefer to prioritise knitting, sometimes that really can't happen). I'm still pondering whether British Airways are likely to let me anywhere near a plane whilst armed with my knitting needles.

But there are a few things I'm hoping to see whilst I'm out there. If I'm awake. My flight from Gatwick is horribly early and I'm having some doubts about even being awake during the work part of the trip...

I'll be off email and blogging most of this week. But hopefully I'll be back soon, armed with lots of pictures!


Nic said...

Ooh you lucky lady. I'd love to go to Tuscany, get taking the pro-plus then you won't need to sleep ;)Have fun.
So are you just going to choose one to buy yarn for? I want to make the FLS too but am doing Liesl by Ysolda first. I think.

Heather said...

Have a great time both in Tuscany and at Get Knitted! Hope you manage to get a bit of time off the work to enjoy the surroundings.

SerineKat said...

I should write a book on flying with knitting. Flying into Italy with needles and yarn is no biggy. Remember the following rules when flying with your supplies:

1. Keep it simple. Don't bring obvious naughty things like scissors, tapestry needles or long metal needles. Also don't bother with a cable needle.
2. Don't advertise it. Don't knit in the security line, and don't offer up to security officers information about what you have in your bag -- unless asked.
3. Stick with small projects with wood or plastic needles or circulars. Don't take your best needles incase they do make you get rid of them (never happened to me yet).
4. Once on the plane don't just start knitting. Get to know the folks around you and ask permission first. Some people are very sensitive to terrorist stuff and anything that could be remotely related... I've found at everyone is pretty cool with your knitting if you ask, if you don't you get some very alarmed looks. Flight staff is great about the knitting. I've even had some offer to cut some stuff for me when I've needed it.

Enjoy your time!

acrylik said...

Have a wonderful trip to Tuscany and a fantastic time at Get Knitted. What a fabulous week :) Enjoy!

Lin said...

Have a good trip and I hope you can decide what project to buy for, they all sound nice.

Jamie said...

You are very dedicated to your job to make that trip. I hope they appreciate what a gem you are. :) Sounds lovely! Have a great trip!

Kat said...

sounds\fab! i have ben told that denise interchangable circulars are allowed on flights!