Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fairtrade yarn & other nice things

I bought some yarn. I'd seen someone else's copy of the March 2011 Yarn Forward mag at knitting group and liked some of the patterns, so the OH went and got me a copy. Then I bought the yarn for one of them on Saturday! It's Manos del Uruguay Maxima and is lovely and squooshy.

See, I spent half of Saturday at Christian Aid HQ in London on a "Making London Diocese a Fairtrade Diocese" morning. Very interesting and most entertaining, particularly the bit where they tried to do Ready Steady Cook and bananas were flying everywhere. Now Christian Aid HQ is on Lower Marsh, just behind Waterloo station, so almost immediately opposite...

Iknit! And as I'd spent the morning doing Fairtrade whatsits it seemed appropriate to buy some Fairtrade yarn. The Maxima is intended to be knitted into a present, so it still fits with my current intentions to only buy yarn when I know what I'm going to do with it.

Back at home the amaryllis is growing a cm a day!

I received an exciting parcel from Nicsknots, all beautifully packaged up.

It was my Phoenix Cards order. I started getting these from Nic last year sometime, the cards are really nice, made to high environmental standards and are also considerably cheaper than cards in the shops! I'd reached the point when I resented buying the extortionate prices for shop cards, had a go at making my own but didn't enjoy it or have time for it, then found out about these ones, which solved all those problems. I considered switching to email cards only, but I think it's more fun getting a "real" card through the post, plus a lot of my relatives aren't on email. I've only pictured a few of mine below, but you get the idea. I think my favourites are the notecards - you get a pack of 10 postcards with envelopes. The best ones are the sheep ones, which I think a few readers will probably recognise as I've sent them this one. The only hiccup I've had so far is remembering where I've put the cards when I want to send one.

Knitting-wise I haven't made much progress, it was a bit of a busy week, with meetings on 3 evenings so I wasn't at home a great deal! I got the body of the baby cardigan finished and started one of the sleeves, switching to DPNs. I'm loving this pattern so far, it just seems to flow along very smoothly and there's going to be so little sewing up to do! :-)

Reading-wise I collected Any human heart from the library but have only read two pages whilst waiting at the hairdressers. It hasn't made me want to read any further. But I have been reading the History of Christianity: the first three thousand years by Diarmuid MacCulloch. It's very readable (apart from being so stonkingly heavy it crushes your chest if you read it in bed). I've just been picking chapters out to read, rather than starting at the beginning as it's over 1000 pages long, so I've been jumping in at the bits of history that I know least about already.


Iris said...

Love the look of that yarn... yummy!

Sue said...

The yarn looks beautiful. I love the little hoodie too!

blueadt said...

Gorgeous yarn!

I store my cards in a box file & often get them at £1 for 7 from Card Factory but not as ethical as Phoenix.

Victoria said...

The yarn looks wonderful--it definitely appears squooshy! And I really love the color.

Do you keep a large stash of yarn? I ask because you mentioned intending to only buy yarn if you have a plan for it.

The amaryllis leaves are looking great! Pretty soon, you will have a few blooms. :) I love seeing things grow. How tall is it now?

I keep the paperwhites on the windowsill and have been leaving the curtain closed because I can hardly stand to see them wilt away! But I should try to enjoy them while they last. I'll be posting something about them soon, I hope.

Those cards are very great. I love the sheep one! I still have your note along with the post cards up on the refrigerator and have had a few comments on the notecard. :)

I really should get into writing notes to people--I like doing it, but worry some people won't appreciate it. I prefer a note to a simple greeting card because you have more space to write.

The baby cardigan is looking great too--I like the color of that as well. Purple is my second favorite color. :)

Mary Anne said...

I've knit with Manos and it is very lovely and squooshy, a most beautiful yarn.

Your time at Christian Aid sounds interesting and fun. I looked up Ready Steady Cook as I'd not heard of that show. I'm trying to imagine bananas flying everywhere (too bad Monkey wasn't with you). How perfect that the iknit shop was nearby!

I love those handmade cards. I still send cards for almost every occasion and handmade cards are the way to go, if you can find them.

The baby cardi is looking very cool. I do love those colours.

Liz said...

I got a shawlette knitted up in the Maxima for Christmas - wonderfully smooshy and also warm. Love the way you managed just to catch Pandora (Gerard's/the shop's dog) in her usual corner by the door!