Monday, January 03, 2011

Pictures of things in saucepans

The OH thought the post about knitting was a bit boring (mainly because it was just about knitting, all of which he'd already seen being created) so I thought I'd go one better and write a post about things in saucepans.

I've been taking advantage of having some time off work - 13 whole days, what bliss, time to actually DO things - to do some batch cooking and fill the freezer up ready for when we both go back to work and all of our time vanishes again.
This is vegetable stock to use up leftover vegetables from Christmas (yes, normally I would just use an Oxo cube).

And beef casserole (from Clever cooking for one or two which I highly recommend as an alternative to all those recipe books that assume you're cooking for hordes of people or have lengthy ingredients lists. It has a good chapter on making stuff for the freezer). Quinoa bake (not for the freezer, two portions for me, using Anne's algorithm) and mincemeat, cranberry and almond Eve's pudding (from a Waitrose recipe card) to use up more Christmas leftovers.

Then I did tuna pasta sauce (from the Good housekeeping cookery book), ordinary tomato pasta sauce (from Jamie Oliver's The naked chef) and smoky chicken hotpot (from Clever cooking...)

Sick of pictures of saucepans and my hob yet?!
Last one coming up:
Ratatouille and ham pasta bake, yet again from Clever cooking... Oh, but those aren't saucepans.

And I have got more knitting done too - we watched a bit of the first series of Cold Feet (I LOVE that series so much) which the OH gave me for my birthday, so I got more knitting done then. As well as listening to the Archers 60th anniversary programme and trying to cope with the trauma...

I finished the cabled baby tank top off, and have now started a plain one. It isn't really as wonky as it appears in the picture!

And that's it for now. Having produced 4 posts over Christmas normal blog service will now resume as I return to work tomorrow! I don't find the actual blogging part takes up much time, but the sorting out of pictures does - I end up with loads stored on my camera and downloading them, organising them into their category folders (I am a librarian, after all), smallifying them (I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to make the file sizes smaller so they upload faster and take up less storage space) etc seems to take up ages so I never get any further or end up with pictures intended for a blog post but extremely out of date.


liz h said...

I'm confused at the logic of your DH. Complaints about pictures of knitting on the grounds that he has already seen the objects I can understand, but surely pictures of food he has eaten/will eat would be criticized too on the same grounds.

I would like more blogging on knitting please. Pictures of food are just making me hungry.

Still, it is nice to hear from your blog so frequently. I'm considering writing some sort of script to deal with resizing my photos and posting them to flickr.

Suffolk said...

Lovely cooking - I hope.

Beach huts in Aldeburgh - Yarnacha!

Tina said...

The baby tank top is lovly!
And with all that yummy food I am hungry now! good work you did - I love to have some homemade stock in the freezer too.

Steph said...

Wow you've been busy! Love the tank. :)

KnitYoga said...

Ooh, I'm coming round yours for dinner! I like the sound of the Clever Cooking for One or Two book. Must try to see if I can get a look at it in one fo the bookshops as I have the same problem with recipe books. Love the cabled tank. Happy New Year!

Victoria said...

Everything looks delicious! I have considered doing a post about food, but didn't think anyone would be interested--thought it would be weird. But your's turned out nice. I suppose now I can't do one because I'd be copying you!

Oh, and the little sweater is cute too. I really adore baby clothing with cables--I don't know what it is that makes me like it. I just do, I guess.

PixieMum said...

Another librarian (and indexer) here, I enjoy reading about your knitting, have just put details of my latest project in Ravelry whilst wondering if anyone will see it.

The blog audience is wider, so I will add knitting details to my neglected blog. Have been ill over Christmas and new year, a cold led to chest and throat infection, both dangerous for a COPD sufferer.

If I am right, I think your vicar was of this parish before he was moved to yours. Small world.

Many thanks for interesting posts, about knits and cooks.

Regards, MadeleinePixieMum

Ptitemaana said...

Gosh! You've been busy cooking! And you actually use your cookery books, which is more than I can say for me.

Mary Anne said...

Yummy food and lovely saucepans! I'm so impressed with all your cooking...and I am hungry now.

May I ask what that shiny object is in the second photo (at the back on the left side)? Is it a kettle or a pot?

I hope work goes well. I always found it a struggle to get back into the daily grind after holidays.