Monday, February 06, 2012

Garden at the beginning of February 2012

Or what a difference a day makes.
It's still too dark when I get home from work to take photos outside, so this is the garden on Saturday 4th Feb, in the morning:

 And on Sunday morning! It seems a bit bizarre after the mild weather we've been having. I thought maybe we wouldn't get any snow this year after the last two!

January gardening (and, yes, there was gardening, as the weather was so mild!) was marked by things appearing 6-8 weeks too early. This is the camellia, which normally flowers in March, plus loads more buds, which have probably had it now in the snow.

One of the primroses I grew from seed.

Crocuses  beginning to emerge.

And I love the shape of the leaves on this hebe.

With impeccable timing the OH and I had taken a couple of days off work this week to celebrate the anniversary of our first date (!!), which meant we've avoided the need to travel around in the snow.


Anonymous said...

Everything looks so nice. I love the crocuses!

Mary Anne said...

Happy 1st date anniversary! I'm glad you finally had snow; the winter just doesn't seem wintry without at least one dusting of snow.

The garden is looking splendiferous and spring-like!