Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Meet my Goddaughter! Isn't she cute? She has the grooviest hair I have ever seen. Better make sure my Godmotherly knitting is up to scratch as her Mum is a knitter too...

A few weeks ago the OH and I travelled up to Bridlington for the weekend for her baptism. It was a fun weekend, not only catching up with several old friends but we were at the seaside too, so it was like having a mini-break. Complete with B and B landlady from a comedy sketch.

It was a trifle windy, but I still felt it was important to have ice cream at the beach. I did manage to eat it before it blew away.

Although it looks like seagulls may be more of a problem than the wind.

See, it does look like proper seaside. There is sand, and blue sky and some sun.


This was going to be a much longer post with a knitting update as well, but as it's a month since we went to Bridlington I thought I'd better get on with posting this!
So how about a couple of harbour shots to finish off?

And sunset over Bridlington.


Nic said...

Did you manage to eat the ice cream without the win blowing your hair into it? Looks fab and what a cute God daughter.

Tina said...

Looks like the perfect mini-vacation! Even a day at the sea is great to refill our batteries...

Mary Anne said...

Your goddaughter is adorable! It sounds like a lovely holiday, in spite of the weather. I've never seen donkeys on a beach before, that was different!