Sunday, August 05, 2012

Garden at the beginning of August 2012

Thanks to Olympic commuting (more in another post) I am getting home from work in plenty of time to take pictures of the garden at the moment.

We've had so much rain the lawn is still extremely green and everything is looking lush (a bit too lush in some cases!).

 I've been having a sunflower growing competition via Facebook with a friend's little girl. Mine wasn't making much headway until the sun finally came out and gave us a week or so of hot weather, when it put on a spurt and shot past my head!

I'm impressed with this Eryngium, otherwise known as Sea Holly. It's the first time I've grown one, and it was on a list of plants/flowers-that-insects-love. It started out as a very small plant but has grown huge with exciting spiky flower things.

The Japanese Anenome we got last year is flowering a lot. It is so much bigger than it was last year.

The Crocosmia seems to have gone totally mad with all the wet weather and has spread all over the place. It is very pretty though!

 And the Echinacea we put in last year were too small to flower then, but they have flowered this year, and with loads of buds still to come! They're also proving very popular with the insects.


Anonymous said...

The echinacea looks beautiful. I love those flowers!

Tina said...

Lovely! Your echinacea will make you smile each year, and it will grow bigger and bigger!
We have added some more this year in cream and yellow.