Monday, March 03, 2014

Garden at the beginning of March 2014

Finally, a day of sunshine, and on the 1st of the month too! Although temperatures have been dropping at night (it was 1°C when the OH first went outside yesterday morning), it has been relatively warm and sunny in the last few days, with temperatures averaging about 10°C during the day.

The garden is beginning to look a lot more interesting as flowers come into bloom.

Lots of crocuses are now around:

There are loads of flowers on the hellebore.

Plenty of daffodils now flowering.

Including some rather sweet little Tête-à-tête ones, which I planted in the Autumn.

And the Camellia is flowering, with plenty more buds still to open. I'm rather amused by the advice for Camellia growing on the RHS website. Apparently it should be in a shady spot in ericaceous compost, neither of which is true in our garden!

Spring is definitely here!

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Tina said...

Great reminder to restart this series again! I always forget about it! It looks lovely in your garden and those bulbs indeed show is that this awful muddy wet windy winter shoul be over.