Sunday, February 23, 2014

Across the finishing line

I managed to get my Canyonlands Shawl finished for the end of the Ravellenic Games.
Got the ends sewn in on Friday, having cast off the night before. As usual with shawls, it doesn't look like very much until it's blocked!

Blocking. This time I used a tiny bit of Ecover delicates laundry liquid, and left it to soak for half an hour, before rinsing and squeezing dry.

And then pinned out - it's so much bigger!

And finished!


liz h said...

Looks gorgeous! Can't quite believe how kind the colour pooling has been to you.

ShinyNewThing said...

Really pretty! Well done.

Josie said...

What a beautiful shawl, it is just stunning. Thanks so much for sharing x