Sunday, June 22, 2014

Garden at the beginning of the month June 2014

I'm really late doing Garden at the Beginning of the Month this time, as we actually went away on holiday on 31st May, and then I didn't get much time when we got back.

I took this photo immediately before we left on 31st May. The lawn's looking pretty lush and green, after I spent ages scarifying it and then brushed soil into it to feed it. That really did for my muscles!

When we got back everything had grown enormously. The salad tubs (sown at 2-3 week intervals) had all grown. The smallest one had only been sown just before we went away!

 The sweet peas were suddenly halfway up their supports, and the bay tree had sprouted lots of new leaves.

 The Sweet Williams were flowering

The raspberries have grown HUGE.

As has the rhubarb!

And the new blackcurrant and gooseberry bushes are covered in fruit.

The sempervivums will be flowering soon.

One of the hydrangeas is already covered in flowers.

The containers which I planted up with Fuchsia Sunray (grown from cuttings) and Nemisia are beginning to fill out.

I love the shape of the alliums!

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