Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cooking: Girl called Jack recipe book

I've been reading the Girl Called Jack blog for ages, and really admire what she's done in her campaigning,as well as cooking, but I'd never really tried her recipes before as they're on her blog, and I don't have a tablet and never remembered to print a recipe off to try. But then her recipe book came out, and it's brilliant!

I've been enjoying trying the recipes out, and they're particularly good for us, as there are a lot of vegetarian ones (this is budget cookery, after all), including some involving pulses, which I'm trying to include more in my weekly menu plans. Yes, I plan what we're going to eat a week at a time - it's cheaper that way, and means I can plan around what is due to come in our veg box that week (plus fortnightly meat box for the OH) and then go to the supermarket with a shopping list.

These are several photos showing the process of making the carrot, cumin and kidney bean burgers (which apparently can be made for 9p each, although I doubt mine were as the carrot came in the veg box and the kidney beans from Waitrose!).

They were really very easy to make, although created quite a bit of washing up!

Although I did enlist the food processor to help at one point.

This is the finished version, just before I cooked two of them (I froze two to eat later in the week). Of course, I then forgot to take a photo of the cooked burgers, but they were very tasty and held their shape well. I think this is something I'd make in a bigger batch next time and freeze more of them.

This is the sausage and lentil one pot dinner, which I made using vegetarian sausages (Cauldron Foods' Lincolnshire ones). It made enough for three portions so one went in the freezer. I can't find that recipe on her blog, so perhaps it's only in the book?

Oh, and this is Use-me-for-anything tomato sauce, which I made to use up some odds and ends. Another good one for the freezer!


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blueadt said...

I'm another Jack Monroe follower. I have a folder of printed out recipes from her blog & bought the book straight away when it came out plus another copy for a friends' daughter. I always do at least a double batch of the kidney bean burgers and open freeze them using a burger press.

The tagine is good as well but Gigantes Plaki is my favourite served with a baked potato & salad...