Saturday, July 05, 2014

Garden at the beginning of the month July 2014

This was the month in which things got eaten. And not by me.
The sempervivums were gobbled up by some kind of evil weevil. 

Then I found gooseberry sawfly caterpillers on the gooseberry bush.

 But I got those picked off before too much damage was done, and the gooseberries are ripening up nicely.

Other crops are ripening well. We've had quite a lot of strawberries, some raspberries already, and a lovely blackcurrant and apple crumble last week.

The cherry tomatoes are covered with fruit, but the cordon tomatoes aren't doing a great deal yet.

I'm pleased with the way the lavender, geranium and nemesia all coordinate beautifully, just as if I'd planned it like that...

And I'm pleased with how this border is looking - it's one of the first I planted up when we moved in, and was intended to be plants that would do well in drought conditions, but they got through last winter and all the rain OK too.

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Iris said...

Wow, your tomatoes are doing well! Mine are just starting to set fruit now, but it's all mainly leaves (and a few flowers) for now...

I've not encountered those caterpillars on gooseberries before - something to look out for!