Saturday, October 04, 2014

Garden at the beginning of October 2014

The garden's definitely got an Autumnal feel to it now. Yesterday was the last day of warm weather, and it's distinctly colder today, and we've had some foggy mornings too.

I'd sown another pot of lettuce seeds, although I'm not sure how much more we'll get from it this year. I'm pleased with how the salad containers worked though, the three bowls were more than enough to keep us in salad throughout the summer, and I'll be able to start it off earlier this year too.

The Nemesia I planted in the border is still going strong, although this new cold weather will probably be the end of it.

The hydrangea is developing really pretty leaves as the temperature drops.

This is a mixture of fuchsia, and an Abelia Grandiflora I planted last year. Really impressed with how much it's grown over the last year.

Another fuchsia, absolutely covered in flowers. Last year it was so mild these kept flowering up until Christmas.

Another flush of flowers on the foxglove.

The Chelsea chopped sedums have now all flowered and are really popular with the insects!

And two apples from one of our apple trees. We had another two which the OH ate whilst I was away, so these two were mine. There were two more, but we think the squirrels got there first...

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Victoria said...

Your garden is so beautiful, light and colorful. I've wondered about growing lettuces for us to have salad through the summer, but have been concerned even just one plant would produce too heavily for us. We enjoy salad as a side to other meals, and occasionally have it as the main dish, but have never eaten salad daily. Anyway, maybe I will just try it out next year and see how much one plant would give us.