Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Garden at the beginning of April 2015

This one seems to have come round quickly! I usually work on Wednesdays, but we get an extra days off for Easter where I work so I am at home ready to take pictures instead.

I'm not sure why the lawn is looking a particularly psychedelic shade of green. It is a bit on the yellow side though. 

Yay, lots of rhubarb appearing, so it will soon be time for rhubarb crumble etc. The gooseberry has nearly all its leaves now and the blackcurrant bush isn't far behind.

Lots and lots of cowslips now flowering around the foot of the apple tree.

First signs of apple blossom appearing!

The aubrieta is beginning to flower too.

I love the colour of these hyacinths, and I'm pleased with how they've worked in these pots with the cyclamen. I'm tempted to do this one again next year.

The hydrangeas are covered in leaves and I've pruned the dead flower heads off them now.

I wasn't sure what this one was called (or how it got into the garden, as I didn't plant it!)  but apparently it's a Leucojum vernum, or spring snowflake. Never heard of it before!

And the white voilet is covered in flowers.

Have you got lots of spring flowers in your garden?


Evelyn Hender said...

Love the colour of those hyacinths. My garden isn't quite as far on into Spring-ing as yours yet. Hopefully it will catch up soon :)

I've got a couple of garden-related posts coming up on my blog. Took advantage of the children being occupied to get some written up lol

Mary deB said...

Very envious of your greenery! I have been buying tulips at the corner store to liven things up, and have seen snowdrops up in one garden nearby, but still no leaves on the trees or even grass!

Iris said...

Enjoying the pictures of your garden. It's so lovely to see it all come to life again, isn't it? I've been spending quite a bit of time peering into my flower beds these past few weeks. ;)